Time scales - dr seeing something

Having a bit of a panic
Had smear 17th October, results on 10th November saying HPV positive & borderline changes, then colcoscopy Friday.
I’m worried about how quick everything was, but have no idea what usual time scales are?
Also the Dr said he could ‘see changes’ & took 2 biopsies so I’m convinced that’s something bad, anyone else has similar?
I’ve been reading younger women often have changes that sorts itself out but I’m 44

Hi @HelenM12345

My first colposcopy was because of a HPV+ borderline smear result, i was also seen around 5 weeks afterwards… borderline/low grade results are usually seen within around 6 weeks, so its not as quick as you think lol x

Them taking a biopsy doesnt necassarily indicate that they saw anything bad, smears arnt a diagnostic they are just an indicator so rather than making an educated guess and going off what it looks like they take a biopsy to confirm what they are seeing/what the smear indicated, as that is the only way you can accurately grade them… i had biopsies taken at mine and they returned CIN1

CIN has been known to regress in women of any age, the younger you are the more likely it will be but regression is down to many different factors xx

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Hi Helen, I have posted something similar too. But my seems even more rushed than yours! Had an internal probe on the Sunday, internal examination with my doctor the day after - Monday. Was referred to gynae to have a ‘polyp’ removed. My appointment was booked for the follow Tuesday (just gone). Not a polyp, she took 3 biopsies and I had an MRI Scan on Friday (just gone). Booked in for results this coming Tues. It’s all happened so quickly… I’m convinced that she saw something very sinister during the Colposcopy. I only went to my GP due to bleeding during a sex (A LOT of blood, but not everytime). Maybe they are just over-cautious with cervical cancer etc, it’s very focused in the media and young women isn’t it. I’m so worried too though at how quickly everything has happened.

Hope you’re ok - in one way I’m glad NHS moving so fast, but then it’s also worrying the NHS moving so fast

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Hi Helen
Just wanted to let you know - I had my follow up appointment yesterday and there was no cancer found! I am SO relieved. Just wanted to let you know as my appointments etc were so rushed too. But there was nothing there! So it may not necessarily be bad. Just an infection on my cervix and BV apparently, i’ve been given some cream and pessaries. Fingers crossed for you x