Time off work and infection after lletz

Hi all. I’m having lletz soon and am getting myself really worried about the recovery process. There seem to be a lot of people on here having infections and complications post op!
The hospital have told me to expect 2 weeks off work - did you all stay off that long? It seems like a long time but they say it’s important to help stop it getting infected?
Also, is it more likely to come back once you’ve already had lletz once? There seems to be quite a few people who have had this multiple times…
Thanks x

The only thing I was told was to take 24 hours off because I was going under general so 2 weeks sounds rather extreme! 

Everyone is different but in my experience the only things that come as a result of treatment/infections are 

-mild cramping just like period pain

-bleeding (amount varies depending on the person)

-stinking (although I don't think other people can actually smell what we can)

-and being quite tired for a week or so after

i haven't had or read of others being particularly poorly or unable to carry on with daily life.

my emplayer was very understanding and just said play it by ear and I only actually took one shift off the day after my LLETZ.

maybe try talking to your manager? Xx


I took 1.5 days off but didn't feel great for a few days but won't need 2 weeks really x  

Hi! I've got my lletz on Wednesday. I'm going to take off 2 weeks but I'm a cleaner and have to do alot of heavy lifting and running up and down stairs. However I'm going to play it by ear, if I feel ok after a week I'll go back. Unfortunately being self employed no work no pay. 

All this is all very stressful. Worring about the treatment results the recovery everything. Every pain seems to feel bigger than usal . 

I hope yours goes well, thinking of you. X