Time off with Lletz under GA?

Hi all.

Does anyone know how much time they advise you to have off after Lletz under GA? My abnormal cells are CIN3 and all the way accross my cervis so they are taking from what I understand, quilte a large Lletz.

The Nurse said possibly 2 weeks but then I have noticed a few say they went back after a few days. I know everyone is different but I was just wondering if anyone could share theor knowledge with me at all.

Has anyone else had it under GA and if so what time did you take off work. I have to commute quite far to work Car, train walk.

Thank you lots.


Hi! If you've been told 2 weeks I'd book that off, then if you're feeling much better you could always go in. Better to be cautious than have to phone in sick on the day! It's not the same but I had my lletz on Monday under a local (quite a large bit) and have been fine since, back to work today with no issues. I booked the day after off though just in case and it was quite nice to have a rest. It all depends how your body recovers from the general I suppose! 


Good luck!! X

Hi Jodie,

I have never had a LLETZ but I go along with what Littlecat says; book as much time off as recommended and return to work early if you feel up to it. That way your employers see it as a bonus that you are back in work and not a disappointment that you aren't. Plus the fact that if you really aren't feeling up to scratch you don't have to push yourself.

Be lucky