time doesnt fly when waiting

had my first smear in august of this year a year later then it should of been, smear itself was fine but less then a week later i had aletter confirming hpv and low grade dyskaryosis, saying i would recieve another letter by post within a month with an appointment at the hospital, letter came the next day with an apointment dated for a months time.

whilst waiting for this appointment i went to my gp as me period at that point had lasted 12 days and the blood was now orange in colour from being very heavy and bright red, said i normally last 4 days max so this is very odd, was told to take my next few pill packs back to back and advised it was hormonal, my period lasted 17 days, i was also experience thick smelly discharge for about 3 months previous and had already been to my gp due to bleeding in middle of pill packs.

had my colposcopy and was told if they had a look and agreed with my smear result no action would be taken and i would been seen in a year,during the examantion i was told that the didnt agree and took multiple biopsys, and they said then that they were concerned when asking the pre screen questions that my period lasted so long last month,sent on my way with my do's and donts and should get my results in 3-8weeks,


its now been 4 weeks and still no news, ive been having random pains in my lower/back hip for the last few months which i put down to job change and am still having yellow discharge now, i also had odd spottings of blood after sex which i put to having sex once in a blue moon, in the last 2 years i can count 2 hands how many times.

my mums a matron and my friends are also joining her in being dismissive of how i feel, and am telling me i am over reacting which is not helpfull, thankfully i work in a small team of 3 and they cant be more supportive.

so i guess what im asking is if people have had low grade which has been more? and also just needed to offload

Just seen this, have you rung the clinic and chivvied them up a bit? I'm going to ring again on Monday, the wait is driving me crazy. Hang tight x