Time between receiving adbormal results & colposcopy


I received my smear results today and it came back as severe dyskaryosis.  My local hosp called me to arrange an appt as I hadn't been in touch with them (due to me only receiving my results through the post at lunch time today!) I just wondered what the usual waiting time is between receiving results of your smear and havign a colposcopy performed is?

Im booked in for exactly two weeks time. The nurse was very vague on the phone with me and just said my results were abnormal but on receiving my results in the post is says severe... I'm guessing this is most likely to mean CIN3?

Have been mulling it over in my head all day... As I'm sure I will be for the next two weeks until my appt. 

Any advice grately appreciated x

Hi Bowlesy,


First of all, sorry you had to join the club.


I didn't just want to read and leave you to it, as I know how confusing it gets. ANd how terrible the waiting is. So, I thought I gave you a bit of a time frame here:


I received my results in post on Monday 13/8/2012 and my colposcopy was on Wednesday 22/8/2012. 


My letter said severe dyskaryois, had punch biopsies at the colposcopy, which came back as CIN3. My first LLETZ under GA was on the 12/10/2012, 2nd one (again under GA) on 25/10/2012.


What time is your colposcopy? Mine was at 2pm and I was extremly glad I took half a day off work as I was expecting the treatment to be done at the appoitment but only had some punch biopsies taken, as the affected area of tissue was to large to perform the treatment here and there. I did not feel any pain during the procedure, and had two nurses, who could have done as a double act and a consultant there. It hit me when I started walking home (only live 2 mins walk from the hospital). I got all emotional, grabbed a bottle of wine from a local shop and watched a proper chick flick. And cried my eyes out, just because it felt like a right thing to do. But my self pity didn't last long, as I was on a plain to Germany with work 2 days after that;) Best to keep yourself busy, so you don't think too much!


Let us know how you get on and pm me if you need anything


Tina x

Thanks Tina!

My colposcopy is booked for 2.30pm...it also says in my letter that treatment is usually performed, if you wish, at your first appointment :/ I think I would rather get it all over and done with in one go if that's what needs to happen.

In your opinion does severe dyskaryosis usually always mean CIN3?

How long did the results of your biopsy take?

I'm quite ashamed to admit that at 29 years of age this was my first smear test... and for someone that has lost their mum to cancer (6yrs ago, she was just 50) I really should have known better. Unfortunately for me, now all I can think of is that I know it's no good thinking "it won't happen to me" because it does, it happened to my mum and it's scary to think that the same could happen to me :( x

well… the thing with my biopsy results is… they never actually arrived. I’ve posted on the old forum before, but might as well say it again (I do like a bit of a rant, especially after a glass of wine on a tuesday night). So, I had my colposcopy appointment and the consultant said at the interview prior to the actual colposcopy, that he would get the treatment here and there and even got a nurse to get the kit ready. But once he looked inside (sorry if I’m being a bit graphic), his little head popped up from between my legs and he just said to the nurse to put the kit away and that he was only going to take biopsies. Once I got dressed again, he basically explained that it would be far too painful to perform the LLETZ under local anesthetic and he would have to do it under general and that I was going to get biopsy results within 2 weeks.

Went on holidays, got back after a week, just to find a letter saying that a bed had been allocated to me, women’s unit, under a care of Mr. Consultant (cannot post names on here).

Had a phone call from pre op assessment day after to arrange my preop. Explained that never got biopsy resluts, she said she couldn’t give them over the phone, but advised to call colposcopy clinic and gp. Neither of them would tell me over the phone. All in all, it was a post office mix up and I was sent a letter which stated that biopsies have shown CIN3, but post office never delivered it.

I am not an expert, but from what I’ve gathered only biopsy/ LLETZ/ cone can confirm whether your smear results have been accurate. I’ll be crossing everything for you!

I know what you mean by feeling ashamed. I’m 26, ignored most of my smear letters. For the past year and a bit been looking after my dad who had leukemia, he got all clear in April this year. Sorry to hear about your mum :frowning: what was hers? It’s awful watching them go through chemo, isn’t it? That’s the bit I’m scared most of. Basically both of my LLETZs have been the size of cone biopsies and I keep thinking ‘what if they found something higher up the canal’. S…ting myself at just a thought of chemo. Radio, I can just about to face.

Let me know if you need anything, even if it’s just a silly old chat on here.


Hey Bowlsey


I know how scary this all is. The waiting and not knowing is the absolute pits. I'm in Australia, so can't really speak to how long things take there in the UK. Severe changes on your pap smear do not necessarily mean CIN3. The mild/moderate/severe categories are about how far off normal the changes are, whether they are just slightly abnormal or closer to cancer than normal. The CIN number mean how deeply into the epithelium the changes go. You could have severe changes, but they may only go a third of the way through, which would be CIN1. If the changes are more than 2 thirds thickness, it's CIN3. I had CIN3. My letter said that I had not had cancer, but only high grade pre-cancer.

Try not to worry too much. Easier said than done, I know, but all the worrying in the world right now won't change the outcome one little bit. Hang in there. You will get through this *hugz*

Hey Bowlsey,

Try not to fret over not going for your smear sooner - at least you've gone now and you're getting sorted :)

I'm in Leeds and I got a call from the hospital before I had my smear results letter wanting me to go for an appointment the following Wednesday (a week and a day!) I was petrified! But sometimes it's just when the next free appointment is - although this is very easy to say with hindsight!

I was also offered treatment on the day - I figured it was best to get it over and done with, no point prolonging the inevitable. And I was terrified going to the hospital the first time I'm not sure I'd have gone back for round two! Having said that, again in hindsight, once the treatment was over with, if I got called back for another, I'd go in a heartbeat - I didn't find it painful at all, and the nurses were lovely.

Definitely take the rest of the day off work though! And maybe the day after - I still felt a bit floopy the day after. x x x x

We all know that the waiting is the worst!! After my smear results I had my appointment exactly two weeks later as well. It just seems to depend on what hospital you are at. Mine was not a see and treat so they took biopsies and I received the results of those about 5 weeks later. If you can I would have the treatment on the day as it reduces some of the waiting and also the amount of times you have to lie there with your legs in the air being poked around with!!!
Let us know how you get on

Cat x

Hi, sorry for the late reply! 

So I had my colposcopy on the 20th along with a LLETZ treatment... I'm still wiring for the results.

I thought I've always been pretty good with pain ect especially during childbirth x2. But it seems the Lletz got the better of me. I found the whole procedure very invasive & traumatising! The colposcopy showed a large affected area & the consultant removed pretty much the whole surface of my cervix in two separate pieces.. Left & right side. I then proceeded to bleed profusely... Is this normal? I assumed that once the tissue had been removed the treatment was complete but he then had to spend a further 10-15mins using the diathermy to cauterise the remaining tissue to stop the bleeding. It seemed like a lifetime & the smell of burning flesh was horrific... To the point that my partner almost passed out! 

Since then I have been bleeding moderately with no break, 15 days and counting! Around day 9 post procedure I developed lower back pain and stabbing pains in my stomach. After a trip to the GP he diagnosed an infection, started me on two types of antibiotics and also took a another swab. The consultant did pre warn me about the risk of infection as he had had to burn such a large area. I've been feeling really wiped out since then & generally low. Im fed up of bleeding & to top it off im due on my period anytime now, great!

I just want my results back with a clear result & to feel normal again x

hiya folks... similar things going on after my smear. i started 6mthly smears at 16 before i found out cancer is genetic. i attended my smears until i fell pregnant, miscarried, fell pregnant again with my little ones and then waiting for a gap in bleeding from the contraceptive rod. all in all around 3 years since my last smear. got one done, 6 weeks later i get an abnormal result in through the post, didnt say anything about the type of abnormality (im not sure if this is area related? im scottish). the colposcopy appointment chased it in the next morning, dated 2wks from the 1st letter (14th) and it says there may be a biopsy required at the appointment. cancer is very prominent in the gene pool and i'm bricking it, naturally. with the speed of the colposcopy apptmt (considering the 1st flyer said these may be required in some cases and would take 4-6wks 4 an appointment) and also because i changed doc's over a year ago and the new one's rubbish. i've been waiting for my routie mammogram and colon scans to commence as they should already have but the doc keeps saying he's going to request the info on the genetics from the old practice and never does. the letter hinted that changes are merely monitored instead of immediate treatment but i'm not overly optimistic that the gene pool will leave the abnormal cells alone... would the risk of cancer maybe get them to nip it in the bud? im worried they dont as im a 23yo single mum with only my mum left and she's had her fair share recently :/

sorry if i sound like a pain, its been 'brave faced' for over a week and i think its all just erupted x

Bowlsey - I'm sorry your LEETZ didn't go too well and you got an infection afterwards :( I hope you're on the mend now!

V - I know it's easier said than done but try to remain calm. I'm not sure if not listing the abnormality in the letter is region specific, from what I've read on Jo's ladies usually get a 'type' or abnormality (mild, moderate etc). Try not to worry about your appointment being in two weeks, I got a call from the hospital urgent/fast track appointments department before I even got my smear results (cue insane panic for a day before I get the smear letter) and it turned out when I asked the nurse at my colposcopy that they had a cancellation and were just being efficient! If only someone had told me that on the phone lol. 

It's perfectly ok to not have a brave face on, and you're in the best place for support with ladies who have been through a smiliar thing :) I can't offer anything on the genetic side of things but if you mention it to the nurse/consultant at your appoitnment I'm sure they'll talk it all through with you :) Also, if you want to get seen sooner rather than later and your schedule is flexible you can always try calling the clinic number listed on your letter and seeing if they have any cancellations. 

Fingers crossed for you and your appointment x x x x x

thankyou for your advice, i've got back to a normal frame of mind, think i gave myself a sufficient kick up the backside to stop chewing it up enough to ask for an earlier date, there's bound to be someone who  needs it more. you;ve defo calmed me down about the speedy appointment, i'll just have to see what happens then, i just hope the results don't wait till after xmas! i'm better when busy anyway and i've tons needing done so sorry for the late reply, i've been mucking in.. i know i shouldn't be so fretful, theres pleanty of people on here with far more to worry about, i'm just glad this site is full of real people, its a lot more reassuring than talking to medicals in the 'textbook' language. i'll post back once i get the colposcopy/results, just might have some answers for anyone regards genetics? its surprising, i've now gained a symptom and i'm calmer than when the results came in haha, minds are strange things. thankyou again!

Hi guys

i had my colposcopy just over a week ago where i had 2 biopsies taken, my smear test come back as high grade severe and im little worried and driving myself nuts waiting for results to see if anything else needs to be done and if it more serious as iv had alot of bleeding inbetween periods, pain during intercourse and lower back pain. How long did everyone have to wait for results


I'm sorry to hear you are having a bad time. I had my colposcopy on December 21st 2015 and I am still technically waiting on results...I say technically because I rang the colposcopy clinic and hassled them and they told me I was having cold coagulation treatment but could not tell me why as they were not medically trained to give results. So I am still waiting to see why I am having this done!! I also had 2 biopsies during colposcopy.

If they need to get you in sooner and quickly then I am pretty sure they will phone you. It's normal to worry but try and relax a little bit :)

If you need a chat then just message me.

Charlene xx