Time between CIN 3 diagnosis & operation?

Hello everyone,

So happy to have found you.

Just received CIN 3 diagnosis - all a shock since I was supposed to wait 3 weeks for my results and they came after 2 days. 

My doctor said in a quick phone call that I will need an operation, and said it should be soon or it could wait till after my 3 week vacation. I am supposed to leave to go see my family in 5 days...

Would it be fine to wait or should I take care of this as soon as possible? Happy for any advice, I am in a new country and things are done differently here.

Thanks again!

Hi there,

It does come as a bit of a shock doesn't it- hope you're ok. I think the doctor will be honest with you about whether it can wait or not. I guess it's just down to whether you would like to get it out of the way or have your holiday first. I postponed mine by a week because of a holiday and the consultant was fine with that. 


It is a massive shock and worry. I had mine before my holiday. My doctor was also happy for me to travel afterwards. He said it's the destination (clean with good medical facilities) rather than the travel itself. My insurance company was also happy to cover on that basis. No baths or swimming though!




I waited 6 months for my treatment, im still waiting for results but I doubt there was any change. My doctor told me to wait and go on my holiday and get it done afterwards! Speak to your consultant I'm sure they would say the same :) if not then at least you can relax on holiday knowing you've been treated xxxx hope you're okay 

Thank-you all for your kind words and advice, means so much.

My doctor just called and she insisted we could wait till the end of the month & if it were her she would make the same decision.

It will be a nagging thought in my head - but I have to trust she is right, she is a good doctor. I have checked other forums & it seems others have waited weeks at a time too.

To be honest, maybe a vacation will help this awful anxiety. I lost my mom to cervical cancer 8 years ago and this is all too familiar. :(

Thank-you again!