Thrush after cone biopsy..HELP!


I hope someone can help. I had a cone biopsy at the end of January but there were a few complications and I needed the back of my cervix to be stitched. Then I had lymph nodes removed the start of March. Unfortunately the stitches re opened and I was told 8 weeks no sex, tampons ect. So a week later I got thrush...went to the pharmacy and got the oral treatment. 2 weeks later and I have thrush again :(   Does anyone know if I can use the other type of treatment...cream ect?

Thank you in advance!



Oh you poor thing!

Thrush is just so wearing on top of everything else you've had to deal with. I'm sorry I can't answer your question Michelle but I'm guessing you can call the colposcopy clinic for 'horse's mouth' information on that.

Very best wishes


Hey Tivoli,

A nightmare I know! So I called the hospital ward and they said I can take another tablet and use cream but no pessary. It's better than permanently standing in a cold shower!!

Hope all is well in Greece

Michelle x

Cheers Michelle :-)

Yup, the cold shower treatment gets wearing too doesn't it! All seems well in Greece just now but I'll see my own horse's mouth tomorrow morning. For once I'm not a gibbering wreck!

Be lucky



Hey Tivoli, 

Best wishes for this morning. Im glad you're not dreading it.

Michelle xx

Hi again Michelle :-)

The horse's mouth says I am good to gallop for the next six months so now I have four weeks of getting everything ready for tourists :-)

Hope you are getting the better of that thrush!

Lots of lovce



Hey Michelle,

Sorry to hear about your thrush. How are you doing? it is a pesky little pest at the best of times. Hope the treatment has worked for you, you really deserve a break.


So glad to hear all is ok with you and you are good to keep us all cackling for another 6 months and hopefully lots more