Thrush affecting smear test

Hi there

Sorry its me again! Feeling a little better today but my friend mentioned to me that thrush can affect a smear test result which could explain the minor changes.

I got some swabs done while my smear was being done and it came back I had thrush.

Just wondering if anyone has heard anything similar?

Thanks :slight_smile: xxx


I can remember when I went for my first smear test the doctor who did it actually told me she wasn't going to send it off as she could see that I had thrush and it would affect the results. I was only 20 at the time (I think..) so I didn't question it! I just had to return a few weeks later to have a smear done which came back normal. 

I think infections can affect the results, not sure how much though.

Charlene x

Hi Charlene


Ah thanks for that information :) im hoping it is just something to do with that.


Holly xx