Three Years??


I had my LLETZ back in Jan 2014, which succesfully removed CIN 111 and I was discharged from the care of the hospital and requested to return to my GP for a smear 6 months later.

I went for a 6 month follow up smear,  after which, I was sent a letter which said:

'....I am writing to tell you that your recent cervical screening result was normal. The laboratory report also showed no evidence of infection wih HPV, therefore your next screening will be due on 20/07/2017'.

I was so unbelievably terrified when all this happened to me, I was unable to sleep, unable to eat, I cried for two weeks solid until I could go to the hospital for my tretment.....I really dont think I can wait for 3 years for another smear! Aren't we meant to be having them every 6 months for the next 5 years? Everybody I have spoken to who has had CIN 111 has always had more than a three yearly check. I'm really worried. Has anyone else had this happen to them?


Probably not the best person to reply as I haven’t had my results yet, but I ask the colposcopist a million questions! From what she said to me I suspect you don’t need to be seen as frequently due to there been no evidence of HPV. This virus is one of the biggest causes of changes in the cervix. It’s if there is they need to monitor you more closely.

Reading lots of posts on here, depending on where you live the follow up differs, so there could also be that.

Try to have trust in your very good results!

Lots of love xxx

Forgot to say- I’m the same, can’t sleep! You go mad with worry and I think, actually I know, I would be the same about wanting more regular follow ups. Listen to your body!, be healthy and take care of yourself Xx

After I had gotten laser surgery, I was clear for a year and then it returned but other people have better luck. My advice would be to have a paptest done in a year if you are not comfortable with waiting, I know I would!  My Dr always told me I would of had to have gotten 2 clear colposcopies (6 months apart) before I could go a year, however I was not as lucky to have it gone yet.


You don't say if you're in the UK. If you are, smears after treatment used to be annually but since the introduction of HPV testing things changed so that if someone is HPV negative at the time of testing after treatment, they are returned to 3 yearly recall. It's called 'test of cure' and there's a link here to the NHS screening website where you can read more

I totally agree that 3 years seems a long time. You can always have a chat with your GP, I'm not sure though that unless someone has symptoms that they'll agree to a smear outside the screening protocol, and it may be that you may have to look into private smears. (As an example I've not had a clear smear at all since treatment, I'm having backache and abnormal bleeding yet have been told by my GP practice I have to wait until next hosptial colposcopy, and if I want a smear sooner to go to a nearby private hospital and pay.)

It's very scary, the thought of being referred back to 3 yearly screening, I appreciate that. Statisically the vast majority of ladies are cured by LLETZ, it's about 95-98% I believe. So from that perspective the chances of having any problems after are extrmely low, especially with a result showing there is no HPV. But I understand that when you're going treatment and all the worries around it that stats may not feel helpful and that the anxiety can linger.

I don't know if this any help, I wish you all the best in any case x

Thank you all so very much for your replies. I have been having a few problems with my internet connection at home and so haven't been on for a few days. I really, really appreciate your taking the time to respond to me. I have found your messages really helpful and have spoken to a client who is a Practice Manager at another surgery. She has advised me that I won't be wasting the doctors time if I make an appointment just to clarify the matter. I am going to ask for a smear. I don't think for a single moment that I'll be getting one. Certainly not on the NHS. My next line of enquiry will be to ask if I can have one at my local surgery but pay for it myself. I just need the piece of mind. I can't really afford it, but then I can't really afford not to have it....I will keep you updated. Best wishes for successful outcomes and brighter days ahead. Thank you again xxx