Three years-it's just too long!

I would appreciate any opinions..

There is a lot of publicity related to lowering the age of first smears from 25. I totally agree with this but I also feel strongly about the 3year gap following each clear smear. I had my first smear in April 2012 which was clear. Now I find myself in January 2015 with a diagnosis of early stage cancer. For me three years was just too long. Anyone else in a similar situation? 


You are absolutely right Michelle88. Cervical smears should be available nationwide from age 20 at the latest, this is the case in Scotland but I believe this maybe be raised in the future. Considering many young girls are having sex from a very young age a 1st smear should certainly be available from age 20. To go back to your question about the 3years between smears then I agree this is far too long. In other countries it’s carried out yearly. It’s said that CC is a very slow growing cancer, unfortunately this is not always the case. Of course it’s all about money & nhs priorities but that’s possibly not a subject for this forum. Mega good luck & best wishes honey & let us know how you get on.


Pap smears and breast scans are annual in Greece, but then not everything is 100% free here.

It does bother me how the NHS draws up its budgets, but as Celtic girl so rightly says, this forum is not for politics.

Very best wishes to all


Hi Michelle, I agree with you that 3 years is too long. I've been put back on routine screening(3 yearly) after my smear being normal and hpv negative. I feel 3 years is too long to wait though and I worry about it, I had lletz twice for cin 3, dont know if the first lletz missed it or it came back in 6 months. Even though I was negative for hpv on my last smear, they say it doesnt go away and can be reactivated if your immune system is low. Im thinking of trying to get a private smear some time this year if its not too expensive. I was going to ring the hospital and tell them I was worried about it but I know I'll only be told theres no need to worry the risks are very low, but its impossible not to worry when theres any risk at all. Sorry about your situation good luck hopefully the lletz was all that was needed.

I had my routine smear test in Jan 2014.

In July 2014 I demanded a gynacology referral. I saw a locum Dr who pretty much told me the issues were psychological. I insisted on a referral anyway. I was not feeling "right" and standard STI screening was clear. I had my appointment in the August of 2014 and the gynacology requested every test possible.  The following day I received a phonecall to return asap. I attended within a couple of days. CIN3/4.. I was shocked as were they. They said that ordinarily it takes a few years for the changes to happen. I was offered LLETZ treatment immediately but I rebooked so that I had someone to attend with me. Just as well as I was one of the few unlucky ones that had a difficult time with the procedure.  

If I had waited until my next routine smear test, it would have been due Jan 2017. If the cells were CIN3/4 in August 2014, where would I have been by Jan 2017.  I appreciate that perhaps my case is rare, but I know 22/23 year olds with children who still haven't had a smear test.  One actually requested to have one and was told "Not until you're 25..."

I mean, really?  I don't agree with that at all.  I'm an advocate for women to get checked - especially those who avoid it because it is a "taboo" subject.  It's a very scary situation.  Yes the process is not the .let pleasant thing.. and for some it can be quite uncomfortable or even painful.. but imagine having to tell your loved ones - or if you're a parent, your children - I haven't got long I have cancer and it's untreatable.  I know what I think is harder.