Three month scan & follow up appointment: results yesterday.

In November I was diagnosed 2b/3 with lymph node involvement including my para-aorta node. My left pelvic lymph & para aorta nodes were so enlarged on the MRI that I was told that my treatment was about 'management' rather than 'cure'. By the time my treatment started, I had significant lymphoedema in my left leg and couldn't walk more than 50 steps without pain & tiredness. It all seemed a bit grim tbh. 

I had my MRI follow up scan a couple of weeks ago and the appointment for my results yesterday afternoon.

My scan was clear. No sign of any of it.

I can't quite believe it. 

Of course I know that it's early days, and myself and the oncology team will be remaining vigilant with three monthly check ups, but I was already steeling myself for a second round of chemotherapy. I wondered how much those lymph nodes might be sending micro cells around my system and whether the cisplatin could find it all. Whatever happens in the next couple of years, this is already a better first result than any of us expected. I'm also hill walking again, 10-12+ miles, something I really didn't think I would be able to do any more!

I'd just like to thank everyone who posts in here. Just after getting my diagnosis, I read this forum avidly. It kept me going all the way through a dark winter and a treatment regime right through Christmas & New Year.(Even when I caught flu in the middle of the treatment cycle and had to postpone two chemo treatments and then have a big blood transfusion). Although II didn't feel able to make posts at the time, the information in here helped keep my husband & I sane and more prepared. I particularly want to thank Lolli888, Tivoli & Phileepa, whose different experiences and practical, honest, detailed & sometimes humorous posts I found especially helpful.


amazing results good to here there's no sign of the disease long may it continue 

ive  never come across anybody who's told there 2b and just  looking at management and not a cure so you must be one hell of a strong and determined lady to prove them wrong 

love lolli tivoli and phileepa'a messages they are amazing women and know the right words to say to calm us or cheer us on they do such a good job 

keep up the hill walking nothing like a good climb and fresh air to keep your mind busy and good exercise as well 

onwards and upwards 

love michelle xx 

Hi :)

this is amazing news! I am happy you have finally had some sun shine on you and I believe with your positive outlook on things it will help you beat this demon. 

I do hope you stick around to let us know how you are getting on and to encourage other ladies as you have that anything is possible. 


This is so lovely to read you are one strong determined lady and you sjod be so proud of yourself .kerp doing what you do and beam of love and joy that you have for life. Ladies in here are incredible xxx

Hi Michelle. The size of my para-aorta node was a big concern to them, which is why they were hesitant to talk of 'cure' I think. I am pretty bloody minded and determined for sure, but I had my moments. Don't we all? 

Thanks for the positivity too. :)

Hi rightbackatcha! :)

Yup, I'll be sticking around, but perhaps not as prolifically as you've been able. Seriously though, thanks. Your contributions in here have been indispensable. When you got your three month NED, I gave a loud cheer here in my living room. Following just behind you as a 2B lady, kept me going. 

Thank you! :)