Three Biopsies

<b> Day 5  </b> <small> After Biopsy</small><br><br><i>A little background</i><br>At the start of this month (August 2018), I had a very overdue papsmear <small> I am a single mother of two young children with extra needs ans never put myself first (you know how it gets</small> My family doctor that did the smear, noted straight away that I had a growth that looks like it might be a polyp and a lot of scar tissue<small>I had a LLETZ nine years ago due to CIN3</small>I was worried straight away as I know there was not that much scar tissue from my LLETZ as it was only a small area near the 12o'clock lip, my dr sent the swabs away and sent me for an ultrasound and sent a referal off to a private Gyno<br><br>I had the Ultrasound and It was all clear, had a call from my dr two days later saying that my tests came back positive for HPV <small>strain 33 or 35</small> an for High grade cells.<br><br> Two weeks pass and i still have not heard from the private gyno, so decide to give them a call and ask if they got my records and refferal, they says yes and they have an appointment for me in 3 months time...<br> I then ask of they have been faxed any of my test results, they say no. So I call my doctors office  and have them fax the test results off again.<small><i>20 MINUTES LATER</small></i>I get a phone call from the Gyno dr herself asking if I could come in that afternoon, I couldnt so had to book an appointment for the next day.<br><br>When I arrived, I already knew the drill so this dr didn't really have to sit down for long and explain everything to me, everyone was chatty while they got the equipment ready, but when he went to do the colpscopy he got quiet, and asked his students if they could see this, then proced to ask me if I wa finished having kids ect, and proceded to take 3 biopsies, I started to hemorage, so they had to cauterize the holes and used some black stuff to help as well,we went back to his office and he handed me some information booklets on a procdure involving inserting a camera into my uterus, he did not say why, he also booked me in for another appointment in a weeks time, but will be calling me with my results. <small>I am on day 5</small><br><br> I am still bleeding at the moment, but dont know if its from the biopsies or made my everyday 'spoting' worse.<br><small> forgot to say I have been bleeding every morning until midday for the last 5 months, and have had bad nausea (somtimes vomiting) for the last 4 months</small> I am just hoping the symptoms have nothing to do with my abnormal Pap.<br><br> <i> sorry for the long story, but if you have gotten to the end of this novel, please feel free to share if you have had a worrying reaction from doctors and its turned out not to be as bad as they thought.</i><b>Thank you for listning to my dribble x</b>