Three Abnormal Results and The Waiting Game

Hi everybody!

I am currently freaking out and terrified over the waiting game. I am 23 and have been getting yearly pap smears since I was 21. 

First result when I was 21 was rare cell atypical. Second result when I was 22 was atypical. My last result came back just a few days ago and I am positive for a high risk strain of HPV along with mild dysplasia. In the last few months I recently started spotting between periods, sex has become uncomfortable, and I feel like I'm having dull period cramps constantly.

My doctor wants to wait a year to retest. They don't think a colposcopy is necessary because of my age and they won't be performing one next year when I go back. I'm not comfortable with those answers because it seems like things are getting worse. I know I should trust my doctor's judgement, but it's hard right now.

How have you ladies coped with the waiting game? I've been going crazy reading anything I can get my hands on, alternating between crying and sleeping, and I don't think I can last a year doing this.


Thank you in advance for taking time to talk!!!

Bless you i can't imagine what it's like having to wait like that, all the advice I can give going on my own experience is I only ever had 2 smears(im 37) and the second came back hpv and high grade cin111 so was send for a colopscopy(was over due a smear with 7 years) had the lletz a few weeks ago and all is fine ive to go back in 6 months for hpv DNA, they say low grade can go away by its self so maybe that and your age is why there leaving you go, I understand that ur worried and I don't blame you, but mine was over due with 7 years and it was still ok so try not to worry, I know that's easy to say and hard to do because I had myself so worried and I didn't have to wait like you Are, wishing you the best