I don't know about anyone else but I have had a nightmare with my gynacologist and the cervical check procedure and wondered if anyone had any thoughts on all this or had something similar.

This has all been going on for nearly 10 years. I started off with mild abnormalities which then cleared, to moderate which then cleared and finally severe. In total I have had 3 LLETZ treatments done and various biopsies. The final lletz removed all the abnormal cells however my smear still came back with severe abnormalities. I have had no explanation why this is (yet..). My last appointment was the end of December. There I was greeted with a view of my lack of cervix (I apparently have a short cervix anyway (again never been told this) and they have all but removed the outside part of the cervix that you can see. The gyno took 2 biopsies of what was left (was very hard to do) and stated they couldn't do any more treatment due to this i.e so no more lletz can be performed. Every time I have been to these and they use the dye no white cells have ever been found or seen....

I was then asked if I wanted kids and they were going to suggest a hysterectomy however I wasn't an urgent case and would be seen at some point in the new year pending experts lookiung at the biopsies taken. Needless to say this news hit me for 6, I'm 31 and single and at no point has anyone explained anything to me. I have a BIIIG meeting this week to sort this out however when I discussed this with my DR that I wasn't happy with the decision made (seemed to have taken my no to kids as gospel) they wrote back (not to me I add) so I got this letter 3 weeks later provisionally booking me in for my hysterectomy operation!!!! Again no discussion with me, no letter to me, nothing.


I needless to say am not having this done until I know the exact reasons why as I've not been told I have cancerous cells, just evidence of pre-cancerous and in my mind I don't want to make this decision and regret it years down the line. I obviously have a million and one questions going around in my head, I feel I have been left out of the loop and they want to do this as it's an easy option and stops me coming back every 6 months for check-ups. I am also looking at getting a second opinion via my rpivate health insurance as I feel I have not been properly informed and have lost all confidence in the NHS in relation to this.


Anyone else (god forbid) had a similar experience?!