Thoughts on getting pregnant

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and have found it really helpful so far. I have just had a colposcopy and am awaiting the results of my biopsy. My initial letter said i had high grade dyskaryosis and the Doctor said that I am likely to need some treatment following the biopsy results but I am unsure what this will be yet.

Before I got the results of my smear my husband and I had decided that we would start trying for a baby in the next couple of months so natrually I am quite concerned about this now. Has anyone had any experience of trying to get pregnant following treatment? Is it likely that I will have to put this off for some time?

Hi, if you have treatment or biopsies you may be asked to wait a month or two. The vast majority of people dont have problems with fertility. Ignore my signature, i have other things going on including a oh with a low sperm count. Xxx


Hi, im new to site...had 4 years of abnormal results,  finally had one normal resukt six months ago and discharged, had a smear this month and come back have severe so back to colposcopy thus week fir treatment but I might be pregnant as we just started trying for a baby and i hope I am but hope im nit so I can recieve trearment......gutted gutted gutted. Shall we wait  and stop trying....


HI Louise19

I have had a loop and a cone biopsy after confirmation of having stage 1a1 Cervical. I was advised I would need to see a specialist before getting pregnant to discuss a possible cerclage (cervical stitch) I was advised   I would need a cerclage i went for the surgery but they found I didnt have enough external cervix for a stitch to hold on to. From this point I was monitured monthly given a scan to check for funneling, I went to 40 +5days and had a C section we now have another beautiful baby boy. I hope my story helps.