Thoughts on Conservative Management of CIN2

I had LLETZ almost 4 years ago and it was quite a large excision (between 1.1 - 1.7 centimetres). I have CIN1 and CIN2, so I went back to Colposcopy for treatment. The Nurse Colposcopist has said that my cervix is so far back that I would need to go to theatre and have either sedation or general aneasthetic so they could pull my cervix forward to perform the treatment.

She gave me the option of having the surgery today or trying Conservative Management of CIN2. I will have to go back every 6 months for 2 years and have biopsies to see whether the cells regress. She was concerned that my cervix is already very short and I haven’t had any children.

I decided to go with Conservative Management. Of course, it might mean that I eventually need the treatment any way but I’d rather try and see if it can sort itself out (fingers crossed).

She will be discussing my case at MDT in the next month and will let me know whether they are still happy to put treatment on hold.

I just wondered if anyone was able to share their experience of Conservative Management with CIN2 and any advice you might be able to give. The Nurse was trying to figure out what might have caused it to return so quickly but I’m generally in good health. My immune system seems ok, I rarely get ill. I don’t feel like my job or general life is stressful.

Thanks in advance.