This waiting is awful!!

I'm waiting to get my biopsy results back and it's driving me mad. I had my biopsies taken on Sunday, initially the nurse who discharged me said 7-10 days for results to come back, then another nurse said 2-3 weeks!! Then today I had to ring my consultants secretary to ensure she had my work number to contact me on and she said about 7 days is about right!?! Either way I just hope it's soon coz I'm over thinking evetything, like you do! Anyone else playing the waiting game??

Hi, I'm not actually waiting myself, but I know what it is like to wait, I waited two weeks for my biopsy results, I know each case is individual some ladies wait longer etc however it's mentally exhausting! I remember everyone telling me to keep busy, it doesn't matter what you do as it's always on your mind! 

Just try to keep positive, which is hard I know, Good luck & Best wishes xx

Hi, like you I'm waiting for results after having my second LLetz and biopsy done on the 27th May, I totally know where you're coming from in how it's drives you stir crazy. Despite keeping very busy it's always on your mind, just need answers so that we know what we're dealing with.

You're defiantly not alone in this, keep us posted as soon as you have any news, sending hugs and prayers that it's a positive outcome.


Sarah x

Thanks Else and Snoopy

I'm waiting - it's been just 8 days........hope it's not much more than the 4-5 weeks they suggested, or I don't know how I'll manage!!

All I can cling to is, if it was awful, they'd have rushed it through, so it may well be the news is not so bad......