This waiting game sucks

Hi all. So I’m now 3weeks and 2 days in of a possible 4weeks wait.
It’s really starting to pee me off.
I just want to know what’s what.
Stayed positive over Christmas, didn’t want to ruin anything. But now I’m really struggling to stay strong. I’m snapping and crying and just want to hide away in my bed.
This waiting really does suck.

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It so does. I’m in a flat and am going checking post every day. I’ve had a cold sore and now it’s covering all my top lip. Just the worry. Not been out, it’s as if I have to know before I can leave the house. I’m scared for the loop procedure. Think my polyploid mass is difficult to view and feel they may do a loop just because of this. Feeling so down. Fear of the unknown. I’m too tired to even get lift downstairs for post half the time. Here’s to us getting letters in New Year Xx

Have you had a loop done b4??
In all honesty mine wasn’t that bad. Was very relaxed, time taken to calm my nerves, told me what was happening. But the smell of burning flesh was vile.
The punch biosopy was worse.
The recovery been hard. Uti, bv. Feeling totally run down and tired.
I thought I was doing OK but these last few days it’s been so hard to fake I’m OK…
Fingers crossed results will arrive soon. Xxx thank you for letting me rant xxx

Be good to yourself. I had bad cramps for two days after colposcopy and biopsies. It’s the mental and physical side put together. Hope we’re both feeling a bit better soon X