This *"#*%© pandemic!

Went in today for the results of the last biopsy.

I tried to write down what the surgeon said and I don't understand it all but it amounts to high grade CGIN pre-cancer cells in the margins. The consultant rook all the cancer he could get at in the first LLETZ. The surgeon tody explained they don't know for certain whether there's cancer deeper in.

None of it was a surprise. Doesn't mean it's not a shock though.

So now I just have to wait for a date for the hysterectomy. Apparently 7 women had gynae surgery cancelled last week alone. I live in Hull where we have the highest COVID rates at the moment. Theatre staff have been moved to help in ICU so theatre slots are reduced. And these cancellations need to be fitted in. At least I didn't have a date cancelled I don't think I could have tolerated that. nothing for it but to wait - she didn't think I'd have the chance of a date much before Xmas and the prospect of spending Christmas itself in hospital with no visits was too much so January it is hopefully. At least I'm early stage so a few weeks won't make any difference. And at least I'm not in ICU on a ventilator while my family don't know if they'll ever see me again. 

So to those of you waiting like me or who've had cancelled surgeries - big solidarity hugs. It's awful. But we'll get through this!

I just wanted to send you a virtual hug. I live in the US (Florida) and despite the large numbers of covid infections we get appears that the hospitals are still functioning well. I had no problem booking surgery and had the surgery performed last Wednesday. It really was not that bad if you are worried about it. Other than some itchiness at my incinsions and getting worn out a little quicker...I feel pretty much normal today 5 days post op.

I thought it was going to be much harder going into surgery and recovery without having anyone at my side...but it was actually not that bad. The nurses let me keep my phone so I had a lot of people texting and calling before surgery and then after surgery I did end up spending the night. I think the overnight was the hardest as I had to page the nurses a lot for help getting to the bathroom (though I think I would have been fine doing this myself...but I had a bed alarm and was not allowed to).

I will be praying you get into surgery quickly and that you have a successful surgery. Do you know what type of surgery you are having yet? I had a Da Vinci robotic hysterectomy and they did preserve my ovaries but took everything else....very science fiction sounding but the healing has been amazing.

I don't know what it's called but they're opening me up, uterus ovaries and tubes but apparently not lymph nodes (or she didn't mention it).  Ordinarily I think they'd have slotted me in much quicker, but yes, COVID. I was dreading that they'd say it would be put off. You never know a mircacle could happen but she was very doubtful that I'd get a date before Christmas and there have been all kinds of surgeries cancelled not just gynaecology, so all those people to fit in first. I just really want it all over.

Cagney I'm sorry you have found yourself here with us but I'm loving your positive attitude. It will go a long way in the crazy world we live in today. I'm afraid I don't have any knowledge of hysterectomies as my treatment was chemo/radio/brachy, but there are lots of ladies on here who have and I'm sure they'll be along soon. 

Very best of luck and I hope you're not left waiting around too long. 

x Maria


Positive Attitude? Wow how nice of you to say so! I don't feel that positive, I spent the whole day bawling my eyes out yesterday. But I know I'm lucky, I'm very early stage, so very treatable, and I can't begin to imagine how stressful it must be for everyone who's further into all kinds of treatments. A few weeks isn't going to make much difference to me but I know it would to for some people so fingers crossed these vaccine's get rolled out sharpish and hospitals can get back to normal as soon as possible for everyone's sake!

Just remember you got this hunni. You will kick it's butt and it's ok to have rubbish days. I know I do but we are all here to support each other so when you are having a rubbish day there's always someone on here to hold you up from getting too down.


Sending big hugs. XXX



Get well soon to you. 

Hi sorry to hear your diagnosis, I am also from hull and I am currently waiting for the lletz biopsy results, do you mind if I ask how long you were waiting for your lletz results to come back? Iv been waiting 3 weeks now and I have been into my doctors to gain access to my medical record and test results my biopsy still hasn't been released from the lab thanks x