This is getting serious now and I'm worried

I have posted on here a few times and I guess some of you may have thought my symptoms are caused by my anxiety
Which I know they are not!

I do suffer from health anxiety but for the past 5 weeks I have been really listening to what my body is trying to tell me

I have been having pelvic pains for some time went to my gp had a few ultra sounds nothing found my last ultra sound/transvaginal ultrasound was on the 3rd December nothing found

The pain is dull not their everyday but on and off
I’ve also had microsopic blood in my urine from the first time I went to my gp for pelvic pain I’ve had around 7 urine test and each one had had microsopic blood in them

I have also had lower back pain again not every day but it’s their around 5 days a week

Left leg pain dull pain and leg sometimes feels heavy

My left ankle is also swollen

Dull pain where my kidneys are

My urine sample does not show any infection so that has been ruled out

I am also getting pains in my arms

I just don’t understand it

I had my colposcopy on the 15th no biopsy, and two days after I started getting a dark brown discharge
And now when ever I go to wee and wipe the tissue is like dark brown/ red
I am extremely worried!

I have my lletz treatment on Monday under GA because I’m too anxious

The nurse did say she is 99% sure it’s not cancerous but now I’m just thinking what about the area she can’t see the transition zone…

All these symptoms are quite worrying and scarey

Any advice please

I've been to my gp numerous times I've called and spoke to the doctor and it feels like their just waiting to see the results of my lletz....which I think is really crazy. ...

All they can do is go off the results of the LLETZ hun, there's no other way to diagnose as far as I know. What is it you're wanting them to do? Try not to worry, chances are it's nothing xx

It's not that I want them to do anything....I'm just saying I have been to my gp for these symptoms and they are just waiting for the Lletz results to come back....

I guess I'm just thinking they could have sent me for more tests etc

I guess if I do have cc maybe if I had a few tests done when I went to my gp maybe things could have been prevented....


I think I'm actually talking a lot of crap to be

I think I'm just so anxious having all these symptoms 


I have already diagnosed myself 

And u can't get it our of my head 

Even though the nurse said she's 99% sure it's not cancerous

That 1% feels like 80% 

I've suffered with health anxiety for many years so I'm just freaking out

I have treatment tomorrow under GA so I guess we just have to see

Good luck for the treatment tomorrow. Sorry you're still feeling so anxious. I am not discounting your symptoms, like I said before I had the same symptoms. But I also know stress can do crazy things the body, once I went through a horrible break up and lost my voice for a week! I really think you will suffer after the LLETZ also because it is just more waiting around, but like you mentioned they will not be able to do anything until the results come back. Sometimes I have read it takes 4 weeks, so perhaps you can speak with your doctors about your anxiety and overall concerns and ask for some medication to manage this. This whole situation sucks so bad but you still need to live your life.

I don't think anyone here is judging you or your posts just sometimes it's hard to comment or help someone when you haven't been in the same situation. I have known people who suffer from anxiety and know it is a serious condition. Stay strong and get some good sleep tonight. The doctors usually give patients where I am a mild sedative before they take you down to the pre-op room to calm your nerves. Maybe ask for this if it isn't offered so you can feel relaxed right before.  

Thanks bahar

Yes you are right anxiety will play lot in this in regards to my pain....they are their but o think it has magnified it

I am really stressed as my mum had a breast cancer scare my dad was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and now me.....

But yes I won't know till I get the results of my treatment tomorrow

Hopefully and praying it is just nothing

Thanks for tour comment x

Good luck today Sarah I will be thinking of you all day everything is going to be fine and after today it's going to be ALL OVER and you can get on with your life as you did before we got all these letters and confusing words! I got everything crossed for you xxxxx