this is a positive tread about CIN3 treatment!

Hello ladies


This is a posistive tread aout the CIN2 / CIN3 Treatment

Now I had the treatment done on friday, and it really wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. I wanted to add, this so the ladies woulnd need to worry :)

I know it sounds scary, I mean I was petrified, and I didnt need to be, It was all over in about 10 mins, and you dont feel anything.

But please have it done ladies and try no to worry like I did.


All the best for the ladies awaiting the precedure and the results.


Much Love


maria xx

Yay! :-) I am so glad that you posted this - I remember how scared you were about it - well done for having it done, I know it must have been difficult to get yourself to go through with it. And you've proven that it was totally do-able! :-) So pleased for you. 

Annabel. x

totally agree with you maria, i had LLETZ yesterday for CIN3. I was in the room a total of about 20 mins and it was (almost!) painless, just a little uncomfortable. my comment at the end was that it was much better than going for a filling at the dentist! So far, i've had period type pains and some discharge but nothing us ladies cant deal with!

Good luck to everyone waiting for theirs....

I am glad yours went well too :) I quite agree too, I had far worse dental precedues lol (well fillings)