Third week done!

Here I am three weeks in… This has been an awaking week for me. Emotionally and physically
Physically I was overwhelmed with some horrible diarrhea and could not stay on anykind of diet other then French fries. That was the only thing I could stomach without running to the bathroom. The Imodium did nothing!!! I ended up finally getting another medicine from my radiation dr. Which has been a miracle!!! So by Friday I have gotten back to fallowing my diet laid out my nutritionalist. She will be happy. I did cancel my appointment this week with her because I wasn’t in the mood to hear about any food. Lol. I’m trying to have her assist me but I’m concidering to drop her diet and eat whatever I feel like even if it’s French fries. Lol. I’m still waiting to see.
I have also finally started my period that was due 10 days ago and it’s not very bad. My period usually give me bad cramps but this one isn’t so bad. Should be my last one as per radiation dr so that something to kind of celebrate. I haven’t had any menopause symptoms yet so I’m wondering when that will start. From what the nurse said by the end of my treatment I might get a few symptoms. They ask me every week.
I also went for a massage this week which was so lovely, I really feel so much better after so I highly recommend finding a massage therapist that is familiar with cancer treatment massage.
Emotionally, I had a great week maybe All the time I spent in the bathroom was therapeutic.
I have reached a point where I’m not anxious or scared. At this point I’m just going through the regular motions and have started to consider my treatment like a new temp job I’ve been assigned to. How funny. I felt happy this week, productive and know I can get through this.
On a bit of a different note, my 9ths old baby has stopped being so clingy to only me because he is at a daycare centre everyday while I go for treatment and it has honestly helped me so much because he isn’t constantly crying for only me to pick him up. So any ladies that have to leave there babies a bit it might actually be better.
So that’s it. So far, I’m managing quite well I feel. Here I come week 4!!!

Wow go you!!! Love your posts they really calm my nerves, over half way now :-) 

you really are amazing 

Kim xx


Hey! Aren't you doing well! :-) Past the corner, not long now :-)

Be lucky :-)

Bless you Lolli!!

Glad your tummy has settled down...

keep up the good work sweetie xxx 

i love reading your updates!! amazing to hear you are doing so well. I love your positivity - hope im going to be the same when i start treatment! You are so strong managing being a full time mum too. well done. XXX


What a superstar you are! Finish line right ahead and then you're done.  

Cheering you on sweetie

love t xx

Well done for keeping going! I have the dreaded diarrhoea to point I can't get to hospital some days! It's all such a hard journey, what did they give u to stop the Imodium is rubbish!! X 

Hi demelza

ive just finished my fourth week and the diarrhea is absolutely horrible. I developed some piles due to the constant going.

I was in a lot of pain during a bowel movement. After being pretty much crying in pain my dr has given me an anti diarrhea medication called lomotil and some steroid cream for my butt area. Which has helped me tremendously.

I have to take 4 pills a day to stop the constant run to the loo. I'm down to going 2x a day. I also got some pain killers to help with the pain because it feels like I'm pooping broken glass due to the piles. (Sorry tmi) and they have helped me considerably because Tylenol and Advil did nothing. Having at least 2 silts baths a day seems to help. It was a messy week. Other than that I'm doing well. 

Monday and Tuesday were my roughest days of this treatment so far but since then I've been good. I just have to take those pills or I'm doomed to spend day on toilet or in tub soaking sore bum. Trust me I carry them everywhere. My diet has gone to simple, plain,boring but as long as my bowel behaves I don't care what I eat.