Third time cin, this time with lumps. Why ?

Hi i had cin 3 and high grade gcin 8 years ago, removed by combined leep n cone biopsy. At the time the specialiat said it was bad but he got it all and it was unlikely to return. 5 years later i got cin again and it was removed. Again told unlikely to return. 6 months ago im told i have cin again but have to wait 6 months to see if it regressess... New doctor so couldnt get her to see reason.... So now due for a colposcopy 8 months later.... I have developed little lumps on the outside of my vagina that ive never had before.  Im so so scared i cant think straight.

Why this time am i getting lumps when twice previously i never,  even with much higher grade cin and gcin before i never had lumps. 

Comments and advice welcome please. 

When is your colposcopy due? Is it worth making an appointment with your GP to discuss it? 

I have no experience with the lumps but I have also had recurring CIN3.