Third time around

I've just recieved the results of my most recent smear. They are abnormal and I've been recalled for Colposcopy.

This has brought me so much stress and frustration. I had my first LLETZ when I was 24, then my second in September last year, when I was 27.
The results I just recieved were for the first smear since having the procedure. 

I'm 28 now and planning on TTC from late 2016. My concern now is how many LLETZ could I have? The time between being sent to Colposcopy has significantly shortened this time.
At what point does the advice to have a hystorectomy get put forward? If that's recommended, how much time do I have? Time to have a baby?

I'm sorry that this post is mainly questions. 

Hello I had three lletz in a year and a half for re-occurring cin3 and had similar questions to yourself and it seems that it all depends on how much they remove each time. I have had half of my cervix removed now and they haven't indicted a hysterectomy as yet. Speak to the nurses at your clinic I find they give you a straight forward honest answer:-) best of luck x



Hi Nellis and Debs,


I'm sorry to hear of your struggles with recurring CIN. It must be very upsetting and frustrating. I have just received my 1st LLETZ treatment and already so worried that it will recur. The leaflet I received ahead of my colposcopy visit said that treatment is virtually 100% effective yet I’ve seen quite a few experiences of recurrence shared on here. It’s such a worry. Nellis -  What grade abnormalities were you treated for and are the results from your most recent smear showing mild or high grade changes? Maybe they'll just watch and wait if they're mild and fingers crossed these changes will regress as i've heard that's quite common. Debs – I see from your signature that your last LLETZ was in Dec 2013….Have your smears since been normal?

Have either of your Drs/colp nurses commented on how common recurrence is?

Wishing you both lots of luck xxxx


Hi my smear in June 2014 was clear which is great but my biggest worry is that if this had happened to me only a couple of months earlier they would have put me on annual smears for ten years but they have now changed it to every three years which really worries me. I have decided to go privately this year and if all is well I will go NHS after that. They didn't say how common recurrence is to me. Best of luck to you both x