Third referral to Colposcopy with constant cell changes

Hi all. I have been left with absolutely no information or support. From my smear test in January 2020 coming back with both cell changes and HPV, I have had two Colposcopy appointments, had lletz procedure both times.

I’ve had smears 6 months after each. The recent one in July has just come back showing more cell changes and that I need another Colposcopy appointment. No information on letter at all about results. They done the first two appointments within 2 weeks. This time I’m being told three months to let me heal after the smear test? Don’t understand, why do I need to heal this time when I didn’t twice before? Have any of you experience of this?

Does anyone know if they can do lletz for a third time or if treatment options will change this time? It’s been a year and 8 months of appointments and waiting and worrying and through a pandemic where I couldn’t see my family a lot of it, let alone bring someone to support me at any of my appointments. I can’t do another three months of not knowing and constantly worrying about the wait.

Sorry you have had this experience, I had my first colposcopy today and to go back in 6 months for smear. I had LLETZ today and now have some bleeding and mild discomfort for now. I hope there is some light at the the end of the tunnel for you

Hi Suzi,
I’m sorry you had to go through this. How are you now? Has anything changed so far?

I have been diagnosed with CIN3 for the third time (2 leetz already done). I haven’t spoken to my doctor since my results came in, but at my last visit he mentioned the possibility of doing a third lletz. So, it should be possible, although I think every case is different.

I don’t get any information by letter from my current doctor either, but I do ask him for a copy of my results each time.

Wish you all the best.