Thinned/shortened cerivix

Hi there, i just wanted to see if any woman may have been in the same situation and all the statistics are making me feel like i am the only one.

So back story, ive had two LEETZ treatment. Second one, they took alot of tissue was never told how much. I havnt completed my family, one son, really want a second. Had my first child after 1st treatment. I was told i may require a cervical stitich as had two treatments, which i was fine with. Told getting pregnant should not be an issue.

However i have since been diagnosed with cervical stenosis, i feel my cervial mucus is alot less when in fertile days and also now been told my cervix is so short / thin even if i fell pregnant they might not be able to do a stitch as hardly any cervix there. I feel so upset and unlucky as was never told these risks. Never really been given more details or answers and wondered if any had simualr stories or got a second opinion. I know they look into it loads once pregnant but i would like to know before hand to save me any heart ache if im never going to be able to carry a baby due to my cervix many thanks x