Think I'm going to get a cancer diagnosis today

So two weeks ago returned from holiday to a letter to say I has severe dyklasis(what're that shit is called) went to the hospital the next had the LLETZ (again is that right) the lady said everything looked great. Yesterday Sunday Morning they rang me..... You know it's not good when you get a call on a Sunday Morning. Anyhow the call goes, we need you to come in and discuss your results. I reply 'It's cancer isn't it's she replies, I can't discuss it over the phone, so replied but you'd tell me it wasn't, she faltered and replied the consultant needs to discuss further treatment with you. I have the first appointment at 2 pm (worth noting I'm a veteran of blood chance- lymphoma) I'm going to be perfectly blunt, shitting myself is an understatement. Having had chemo, radiotherapy, preventative mastectomy, I don't want to do it again. I'm 36 years old, I'm so cross that one person can get two unrelated cancers. 

I don't really have any advice :-( but I just wanted to wish you all the best for your appointment! X 

Sorry I can't offer any advice, I am also awaiting results of my lletz. I just wanted to say i really hope for you it's just a case of further treatment required and not a diagnosis of CC. Best of luck at your appointment please let us know how it goes fingers crossed for you xx


I had two cancers and a preventative mastectomy too. It's not as uncommon as you think. However I truly understand why you feel miffed. The only consolation I can give is that there,was,an academic paper published a couple of weeks ago showing that treatment for cervical cancer reduces the risk of other cancers, notably brain tumours so it's not all bad!

Your results may not be as bad as you think. She was just the messenger, needing further treatment can mean anything.

Good luck,

Karen x 

Good luck x

Stage 1b1 so the best outcome I could have hoped for. The cancer is literally 1mmx 1mm but 5mm deep, which is odd, however they were really positive. I'm to have something radical hysterectomy, if there is no spread to the lymph nodes (Having had Hodgkin lymphoma, it's a concern) then that will be the extent of the treatment. I'm so relieved, having chemo in my 20s was hard in my mid 30s is a bit more daunting. So whilst not the best news, I'm feeling really positive and upbeat, it could have been far worse.

Big hug sent your way x x

Good luck 

I'm still waiting my results from lletz? X