Things are moving fast, is this normal or should I be worried?I

I had my first smear on 8th July, I got a letter saying I had high grade abnormalities on 17th July and today I recieved a letter asking me to a colposcopy on 31st July from previous experience with referrals it normally takes an age so to have the test, the results and a hospital appointment all in one month seems really fast or is this normal and um just freaking out about nothing? Any advice would be great, thanks x


I wouldn't worry if I was you, mine was quicker than that.  I had the smear on 6th Aug, the letter came on 12th Aug and the colposcopy was on 19th Aug.  Its all normal with this test and of course will vary from hospital to hospital.  Please don't think the worse.  Good luck with your colposcopy, mine was fine - no pain, just felt as though someone was fiddling around a bit down there - which of course they were!

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Dont Worry, i had my smear results on the 26th March which was high grade dyskaryosis i had my colposcopy appointment on the 2nd April. I had the treatment there and then the results came back as CIN 3. I was glad that it all happend quickly because i couldn't bare the waiting. It was my first smear too so i know how scary it is when you get the letter but trust me the colposcopy and the treatment is fine just like a smear but a bit longer. The worst bit for me was the wait for the results. Xx

I'm exactly the same!

I had my first smear on the 14th July, got a call on the 22nd July to say I had abnormal cells (no idea what grade) and I also have my colposcopy on the 31st July!

I'm freaking out too but I'm sure it's all normal! Can't wait to just get it over and done with and find out what's going on x

Hi there - I know it's easy to say in hindsight but from what I've read, it's all perfectly normal. When my GP first phoned to say I had an abnormal smear result, I didn't worry too much as he said it'd be a couple of weeks before I received a letter saying what the next steps were. When he called me back the next day saying the nurse had been trying to contact me to make an urgent appointment, then the worry set in. However to be honest I think they do just want to play it safe and from posts on here and other sites, the timescales you've mentioned are completely normal xx

Hi Ladies,

Definitely don't panic that things are going so fast (although I completely understand, I was a mess for the week between my results and my colposcopy - see any of my previous posts lol) sometimes they just have a cancellation appointment available and you're the next on the appointment list :) x x x 


I replied to your post last week! I was meant to have my colposcopy tomorrow, same day as yours and it got brought forward to today!

Try not to worry about it (I know that's hard) but it isn't as scary as you expect it to be! I ended up having LLETZ to remove a big clump of bad cells. They originally wanted to do a cone biopsy because they thought my bad cells were on the inside but luckily I didn't need it. I feel a bit icky now from the local anaesthetic but no way near as bad I was expecting.


Hope it goes well for you :)

Hi thanks for replying, I went today and had a LLETZ and your right it wasn’t too bad at all considering what they are doing just a little undignified! She said she could see I definitely needed treating but didn’t sound like she would be seeing me again so hopefully thats a good sign as I didn’t ask many questions rather just wait for the results :slight_smile: hope your results come back ok!