Thigh muscle rubbish after RH

Hi Folks!

I'm having trouble with my left leg and wonder whether any of you have experienced the same thing. After my RH I temporarily lost the movement in my left leg. I had a CT scan of my brain which didn't show up any abnormalities. The movement came back enough to walk after a few days but it's never been quite the same since. Even now (more than 10 weeks on) I find it hard to lift my leg off the floor if I am lying on my back with my legs straight out. My walking is a little funny and I have to use my left hand to hold my foot down on the clutch when I'm driving in stop-start traffic. The muscle of my inner thigh has wasted away and I have a concave area where the muscle should be.

My GP has checked me out and referred me to neurology and for some physiotherapy in the meantime. He didn't think the problem could have been caused by the op because he said the nerves that serve that muscle are round the back and shouldn't have been affected.

I didn't have a spinal block during the op but I did have 35 lovely lymph nodes taken out.

Is there anyone out there who's had similar leg dodginess post-op? My consultant had never come across this problem but maybe one of you has. I'm not unduly worried but all the funny walking is causing other aches and pains and I'm really hoping that muscle comes back to life soon!

Kirsty xx


Hi Kirsty,

I did have a funny leg for a while following my rad hyst and when I mentioned it to my surgeon, asking him if it had anything to do with the removal of lymph nodes he just looked at me as though I had two heads (but of course this is the same guy who didn't tell me I was being treated for cancer). I digress, I did have a funny leg and it did get better though even now three years on there are occasional mornings when it doesn't wake up at the same time as the rest of me. However, yours is sounding much more severe than mine ever was. I had 17 nodes removed but certainly didn't have muscle wastage. And yes, the funny posture will indeed have knock-on effects giving you aches and pains all over the skeleton. I suggest you push really quite hard to have this investigated further or get some really intensive physio.

Be lucky



Thanks, Tivoli. I'm sure my muscle will remember what it's supposed to do eventually. I'll have to be firm with myself about doing any exercises the physio gives me! I might check on Choose and Book to see if there have been any neurology cancellations. 

Kirsty xx

That sounds nasty hon,

def push for further investigations, don't wait to see what happens!

Molly xxx


my left inner thigh muscle was odd after my surgery too. It felt stiff like it didn't want to move.  My surgeon didn't seem concerned but then mine wasn't as bad as yours.  I was told it would improve over time and sure enough it has but took quite a few months.  2 years on and it only bothers me occasionally and I am exercising fine albeit a bit slower But this may be age!

hope it improves soon

take care kirsty x

Thank you! I feel sure they'll say it's okay but it helps to hear that other people have experienced similar things. Who knows, if I do my physio exercises properly I might be back to full strength before the neurology appointment! :)


Yup, definitely take physio very seriously indeed. It's one of those things that nobody else can do for you and putting it off tends to only make things worse. I'm afraid you have to be very strict with yourself. I know it's not so easy to force yourself to go for walks when the weather is dismal but this is what you must do. Walking and swimming are probably the best forms of all-body exercise you can take so if the weather is dismal and you don't fancy walking in the rain take yourself down to the local swimming baths where hopefully the water isn't too cold and you might be lucky enough for a reasonably tepid shower afterwards.

Be lucky :-)


Hi Kirsty

Sorry to hear your leg is bothering you, must be worrying and a real pain, even if you are being very noble about it.

Hope they get to the bottom of it and it comes good for you very soon


Oh, Suzy, your "getting to the bottom of it" phrase did make me laugh because it turns out my buttock isn't up to much either! I saw an excellent physio who tested me thoroughly, gave me exercises to do and gave me stick to help make my walking a bit more normal so I don't mess up other bits of me. She said what she was seeing didn't fit anything obvious and that she would discuss me with a colleague. I've now been asked to go back next week. I also got a call to say they have had a cancellation and have brought my neurology appointment forward a whole month. That's good news but you know that worrying bit in the mind? Well, I'm wondering why they didn't offer the cancellation to the people who were on the list before me. Did the physio's colleague pull strings??? Do I need to be worried?? The rational bit of me is not worried but I am so prone to anxiety at the moment that the simplest things can freak me out. 

Tivoli, you will be so proud of me. I am taking the physio so seriously. I'm doing it a few times a day instead of just once and I have been swimming three times over the past week. The swimming gets easier each time and I'm wondering whether I can amaze the physio with my progress next week. 

Anyway, I'll keep you posted. Better get on now. It's 12 weeks since my RH today and my leaflet said no vacuuming unitl 12 weeks. Am I a bit sad to be excited about the thought of getting the vacuum out?? 

Kirsty xx

Hi Kirsty :-)

I'm sure that vacuum cleaner is perfectly happy exactly where it is :-) Yes, I am very very proud of you!

The thing with appointments? Well there is some unimaginably complex algorithm set up by government boffins that states people must receive an appointment within x days and all sorts of other stuff. The hospital departments can receive the greatest number of ticks in boxes if they dish out appointments, cancel them, offer them to somebody else, etc. etc. It's all terribly terribly clever and we all benefit so much by it don't we girls! Don't imagine for a single second that the queue runs in traditional post office style nor that jumping a place in the queue means that you are desperately ill, it all just means that the bureaucrats are desperately incompetent.

Be lucky :-)



I've been swimming 4 times in the last week and have been doing my physio exercises a lot. I've noticed a real difference in my swimming strength and I think I'm also finding the physio exercises easier. 

I've been thinking about the appointments and here's what I think happened: I GP ticked the box marked "urgent" on the Choose and Book system. I think he did this as a kindness because, as he put it, I had "been through the mill". That meant when the Choose and Book people had a cancellation, I got it. I also wonder if the phsyio's colleague just suggested another exercise I could try. I think you're right, Tivoli, it's nothing sinister; just bureaucracy! :)

And finally....I've met someone who had similar muscle wastage after having the same op as me and she's much better now. So I'm just going to get on with exercising. I'll even throw in some pelvic floor exercises in for good measure! 

Kirsty xx

Ra ra ra! :-) When are we going dancing? :-)