thigh ache 3 weeks post op

Hi all just want to know if anyone who's. Mhad. A TLRH. Has experienced groin nd thigh achey pains, it started yesterday nd its driving me nuts!! Could it be my nerves after having lymph nodes removed? ....

Hi I had radical hystetectomy 4 weeks ago, lymph nodes removed,  ovaries kept-stage 1B. No further treatment right now, but did have lots of aches & shooting pains- doctor said it was nerves regenerating & then trying to knit together. Hope this helps any bit. Am having swelling right side which is worrying me a fair bit today! All the best xxx

Hey thanks for the reply…its calmed down a little now however im swollen on the right side …well puffy …maybe its the surgery! !! Went to docs (again) on 23rd and he said it takes a while for things to settle down…all the best lea xx


I had sharp pains in my right hip on and off for a number of weeksn after op. Gets lots of pulling pains behind my belly button and still get swelly belly every now and then. Worst bit for me ever since op has been swollen pubic area, constantly there but can come and go with pain, been worse past few days. Very achy and sensitive. Had lower back ache for Christmas week. Headaches alongside this. I dunno, seems to be one pain replaced by another!! Reading other posts over past few months, this seems to be pretty usual, so don't panic!! I try not to...