Thickened Uterine Wall, constant pain, and abnormal pap

I am post menopausal, and a 9 year breast cancer survivor.
About 3 months ago, I started spotting . Soon after , i developed pain which hasnt gone away . Went to my doctor and had a pap . She tried to do an endometrial biopsy but could not so she referred me to a gynecologist and sent me for a transvsginal ultrasound. It has taken a while to get to see the gyno. So i told them to put me on a waiting list in case someone cancelled. In the meantime, i got my pap results back ( took 7 weeks) and it was abnormal. The gynecologist said that my uterine wall was thickened , so she is arranging for a Colposcopy and D and C.

With all the pain and the discharge ( which has a foul smell), and the abnormal pap, i have a feeling i have some sort of cancer . Had anyone else had these symptoms ?

My Mom had uterine cancer when she was 55. I am going on 58. I dont recall if she had pain ( shes gone now so i cannot ask her ( not from the uterine cancer , she beat that and lived another 15 years.

Hello, sorry you’re going through this. Pain and discharge can be symptoms of a gynaecological cancer, but can also be many other things, so I’m glad you’re getting it checked out. I hope you get referred quickly and its nothing to worry about x

Thanks. I had the D&C scheduled for the 5th, but I started a new job today. So I asked the gynecologist to push it back about a month, so I can give them some notice. Then today while I was at work I got a full-on period. Don’t think this is good. So I called the gynecologist and left a message, because they were gone for the day.