There is hope cancer isn't the end! Please read this if your newly diagnosed and scared

I just wanted to make a post to share my experience and hopefully make anyone who's going through this feel a little better 

about the scary unknown that lies ahead.. I had my first smear in november 2014 last year and had the horrible colposcopy 

Which showed high CIN 3 so had to have a LETTZ/cone biopsy ... During this they found cancer inside my cervix but I didn't know this till about 3 days after the op

i had a phonecall to see a consultant to discuss my results the day of that horrible phonecall... They couldn't tell me over the phone why but I knew it was cancer as it's usually 6 weeks they ask you to come I for a follow up... So I went in prepared for the worst and was told it was cancer but the stage was unknown without an MRI. I was told I would have to wait 3 weeks for it and was terrified...what if it was stage 4 spread all over what if this was a death sentence I'm ony 23 I have no children what if I can never have them ... That night was agony I couldn't sleep I was too scared with every horrible thought creeping through my head... I couldn't wait 3 weeks to see how bad this was so I booked a private MRI with spire hospital it cost me 300 pound but was worth the not waiting ... Which is te worst part of this scary time i will add... I went in after 3 days of the MRI and told it was stage 1b so in the cervix and neck I the womb but very easy to get rid off! I felt so much better... Endless hours of internet searches even proved that cervical cancer os verY curible even at higher stages... I was booked in then for a 

Tracheletomy which is removal of the lymphnodes cerxix and tissues. being only 23 they wanted to spare my womb and overias for future children ... I had my op (6 hours) and stayed in hospital for 4 days ... No pain afterwards but wind pain was terrible the only thing to ease it was walking which is ithe last thin you feel like doing! Sent home with a cathetre for a week I was feeling better every day until 6 dad post op I woke up in agony being violently sick for 2 hours! Ambulance took me back to the ward to confirm and infection and a blocked cathetre which was just bad luck so another week in hospital and strong IV anti biotics I was aloud home and boy did I feel better ... Follow up for my results of surgery a week after that and ....ALL CLEAR ALL GONE!! Like a bad dream it was over all clear! I was so happy everything I went through felt like it had never happened 


I just wanted to share this and show anyone reading this worried out of there minds thinking the worst that it's not the end and the worst part of this horrible Cword is the waiting worrying and unknown of what's to come there are more happy endings with cervical cancer than any so put your minds at rest wait for the good news and just think about the party your going to have when you get the all clear I didn't let it beat me and it won't beat you either stay strong be positive and use the experience to remember life IS short so make the most of it .... I'm 4 weeks post op now and feeling back to my old self and lookin back the worst pain of it all was not knowing worrying and the wind pain haha so when you have the op stock up on wind ease tablets there very good and peppermint tea! 


This site is truley amazing and helped me a lot so thank you jos

For making  cancer less scary 


November 2014 smear 

Feb 2015 lettz and diagnosed stage 1b

May 2015 All clear!!!

Thanks for sharing! I completely agree that this is a curable cancer. I'm almost done with chemo and radiation myself (done with chemo, about to start brachy), and the prognosis is great, my tumor has shrunk to a very small size now (I was staged 1b2 and my tumor was 7 cm when I was diagnosed).

Treatment hasn't much influenced my life, and I continue to work full time. I know everyone is different though. 

Stay positive :)


Thanks so much for sharing that pab :-)

Posts like this are immensely helpful! 

Be lucky :-)


Glad to hear it niki! I hope everything goes well for you

and hope for a speedy recovery :)

And thanks tiv you've been a big help to me always making me feel better when I posted on here with your advice 

xxxxx pab 

That's very reassuring to hear. Well done to you for being so brave. What happens when you want to have children?

It's a bit harder to conceive but not that difficult if I have trouble the NHS will step in

which is great! if I were to get pregnant it would be have to delivered by Caesarean

Because I haven't got a cervix just a big stitch to keep my womb in place 


Thank you so much for taking the trouble to write this. I just had the worst day of my life sitting with my 25 year old daughter as she was told her cervical growth is cancerous. She had MRI and CT immediately and team will meet Monday to discuss treatment plan. This site is so helpful. I will suggest she signs up herself as I think it will be very reassuring to be in contact with others in the same situation. 

Sorry to hear about your daughter 

she will be ok, age is Is on her side aswell 

Be lucky and yeah get her on this site it really helped me xx

Firstly let me say I am delighted for you that you have received the all clear and hope you are feeling on top of the world just now.

I just wanted to thank you for your post.  It's exactly what I needed to read just now.  I got my diagnosis of CC Stage 1b1 after 5 years of abnormal smears, colposcopy, hysterectomy, EUA, biopsy, MRI & CAT scans and although I have tried my hardest to stay away from horror stories on the internet, I have read a few things that just made me feel scared and very apprehensive of what is to come.  


I go for a PET Scan on Wednesday and no doubt the whole circus will ensue soon after. I am trying to remain as focussed and positive as I can, so I can't tell you how much I appreciate your post which has raised my spirits again.

I needed to read this. I'm waiting for staging but have convinced myself of the worst. 

I hope II'm as lucky as you x

Hi, I am also a stage 1B and have had a hysterectomy 2 weeks ago. I get my results on Wednesday and am so scared. I'm 31.

Hey guys you'll be fine :) chances are there've caught it early I hope which means easy to get rid of :)

i didn't even have to have chemo so just stay possitive I only 23 cancer doesn't care about your age I'm afraid

tje waiting and woryying is the worst part of it all trust me 

after everything I've been through the waiting was deffo worse... 

Just think about the big party you're going to have when your all clear ;) that thought got me through 

xxx be lucky

Just diagnosed stage 2B - terrified.

CT and MRI say LN clear and no mets. However it's adenocarcinoma so having read this is worse feel no better. I have no symptoms really bar a mucous type discharge. They are doing an ERA on Monday and seeing someone tomorrow to talk about plans. Realise looks like Radio and chemotherapy. Am lucky to have 3 healthy children and no more wanted. I don't mind anything I just need to see my children grow up. Had negative smears always and went for all of them when asked. The one this May came back abnormal but they also didn't like the look of the cervix doing the speculum.

If anyone else is 2B and can help or advise I would be so grateful

Thanks Hannah 

Why didn't my post help you? I only out this up to show there is some hope and sometimes it's not as bad as you think in your head



 be lucky 

Thank you for sharing a positive story :). Re post above, i think hannah is referring to the adenocarcinoma when she says she's read it's worse as it's rarer than squamous. She wasn't referring to your post making her feel worse. Hannah i wish you all the best an try to remain positive, i've read about lots of people on here who have adenocarcinoma so hopefully one of them can give you some reassurance. Good luck with everything to all of you xxx