Therapeutic vaccine?

Hello, Just wondered if there is anyone who keeps an eye on clinical developments that can tell me if there is any news on whether they are any closer to success with a therapeutic vaccine for HPV? Anyone know anything at all?

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Yes there is a clinical trial and im part of it. Unfortunately we can’t give any information as the results will be available when the trial ends. I do believe in this trial as is an immunotherapeytic vaccine and if you Google it you can see that the immunotherapy is the future for many different cancers…

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For the VTP-200 vaccine (trial number HPV001) that is currently in Phase 1b/2 trial (Vaccitech/University of Oxford), interim data should be reported between January - March 2023 regarding how well it works (efficacy data). They will need to go through Phase 3 if it is successful so I would expect this is several years away from being approved.

For the VGX-3100 vaccine (trial number HPV-301 / HPV-303) that is currently in Phase 3 trials (Inovio), data was reported in March 2021, however these results were not considered impressive enough. Inovio planned to conduct another late-stage study for VGX-3100, and hoped that it would be enough to submit an application for the potential vaccine. But regulators in the U.S. informed the company that even this second phase 3 study would be insufficient to support approval for VGX-3100. The company will have to run another trial at the very least. That makes it unlikely that VGX-3100 will hit the market anytime soon, if it does at all.

Great to know its being worked on currently though! thanks

Definitely and there may be others too!

You can visit Vaccitech web site and see all the details aboutthis trial, however I’ve just noticed they have the dates of the phase 1 and that’s why it says the potential results will be available on 2023. We now on phase 2 and we will get 2 different vaccines. The second one is end of January so the results will be on 2024 and then will see if they will go to the next phase xx


thats great. another question i have following on from this for you knowledgeable :laughing: what foods/ supplements do we know stimulate an immune response of the same kinds of cells that these trial vaccines are trying to?

Not too sure about supplements. So far i know that i can keep taking my corse of supplements through this process. My course is folic and Vitamin e daily and now i will wait the vaccine to see if i have any positive changes in the future. What i know about the vaccine, especially the first one is that has a high dose of CD8 and CD4 T cells and both are really important for infection and cancers and in 28 days which is in January we will get a booster and then there is a waiting time with colposcopy and swap tests to see what happened after the vaccination :blush:

I will ask your question in my next visit and see what the doctor says…that probably will be next month


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I did some research on the NIH website on this topic recently. I found several peer-reviewed medical journal articles that highlighted cruciferous vegetables (e.g., broccoli, cauliflower), folate (B12), and papaya as food supplements that are have shown positive results in reducing high risk HPV. If you’re not feeling like eating a ton of broccoli every day, your can replace it with DIM+I3C supplements. If you add papaya to your diet, you can get dried papaya cubes, but low-sugar are recommended.

I’ll try to locate some links to journal articles to provide sources.