The what ifs

It's dawned on me that the end of my treatment is rapidly approaching and all of a sudden the what ifs are back!! 

Have managed to stay positive through the last 4 weeks, but now......I just don't know how to feel.

The rational part of me thinks and hopes that if things weren't going as planned then something would have been said by now.

How did you cope with this bit? Am I over thinking again??

Sorry to be negative, I don't mean to be, just struggling a bit today xx

Hi Erin...all part and parcel of this shitty disease I'm afraid! Perfectly normal. I have not met a cancer survivor yet who has not gone through this. I kept trying to tell my brain to stop fighting battles I am not experiencing! Even a year down the line I have many, many moments of sheer terror! I hope it goes away Hon, but remember we are here for you and the moments... much love, h x

I finished my treatment 5 wks ago and was fine but now all I think about is cancer think it might be my hormones as am going through menopause and am up the wall at the min but don't want to take hrt need to find some other kind of help for it xx

Hiya :-)

Very normal indeed. I think I was about two-and-a-half years down the line before I stopped being terrified. It does get better, in time, I promise you :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thanks ladies, 

I'm hoping that it's down to being menopausal and worn out. I've got through 4 weeks without any issues apart from day 1 of treatment and this week it's all gone wrong. 2 trips to A&E for bloods due to infection and almost no sleep. Here's hoping the next week + 3 days pass without too much drams. I'm still trying to figure out if I really want to take hrt if it's offered or find an alternative. 

Feeling slightly more positive today and hoping it's passed for a while.