The waiting...

Hi ladies,

New to the site but I just wanted to reach out to people with the same thing on their mind!

I'm 3 weeks post colposcopy and biopsies, and the waiting is driving me bananas. I called today to see if I could sneak an idea of my results as the nurse told me she could see moderate changes. The receptionist said that my letter was on file, but it hadn't been typed up yet and they'd need to find me a date to come in so that was why I hadn't received it. She couldn't tell me what it said. I'm sure it's just admin rules but it did scare me a little. 

Does anyone have any tips for staying sane during the wait? Thanks all!



Hi Hun,

I think most of us will agree that the waiting is one of the hardest parts even when sometimes we've hardly had to wait atal. 

Personally I'd see it as a good sign that you've still not heard anything yet the results are actually in.

I'm guessing if the biopsies come back as moderate as expected youl probably be offered treatment at another appointment. 

If you know the name of the colposcopist then you could call back & ask to speak to her directly then she may be able to give you info over the phone but I have seen a lot on here haven't been able to get their results over the phone either. 

I think we all drive ourselves half bonkers when waiting for biopsy results, then for treatment & then again for more results but I think a trying to keep yourself busy, speaking to people on here & maybe talk to some of your girlfriends (youl be suprised how many of your friends have probably had abnormal smears & possibly treatment, it just seems us women don't tend to talk about it!) 

Hopefully your results will be with you soon but you can always ring again to chase them up 

Lots of luck



Thank you so much for replying! Yes, you are right, and now I've read through a few more on the posts on here and realised what some people have had to go through, yourself included, I'm feeling like a bit of a fraud. The consensus seems to be that a longer wait is a good thing, so fingers crossed you are right and it is a positive sign. 

Just getting a reply has really made me feel better - silly isn't it!? The strength of the ladies on here is so so inspiring. I'm much more hopeful I'll be able to handle whatever the results finally say.

Hadn't been brave enough to talk to my friends about it until tonight, and have now managed to talk two of them into going to their overdue smear appointments!! Little victories!

Thanks again, and very best of luck with everything.



Don't beat yourself up, your not a fraud. 

I think we all feel similar regardless of the outcome. Just that letter saying you need a colposcopy if enough to scare us! 

It definiteLu made me feel better speaking to ladies on here & having some first hand experience stories rather than google telling me alsorts! 

It really is so much more common than we realise. Us women need to learn to talk about our problems to eachother abit more! 

I founf a lot of my friends were overdue their appointments too so made me feel better knowing they had gone & gotten checked out. 

Keep us all posted on your results