The waiting game ....

k home.
Just got back from my Colposcopy
The nurses were so lovely & the one held my hand during the general anaesthetic which was lovely.

got a shock when they showed me the screen my whole cervix was white with it stetching up into the womb. She said it was as severe as you can get.

They performed the LLETZS which was ok not as bad as I expected so that was a relief.

I have glandular neoplasia showing up on my smear so they took some biopsy’s too & she is fast tracking for a 2 week turn around … Going to feel like forever!

just going to keep myself busy hopefully time will go quicker.
What scares me the most is the glandular neoplasia as nothing I read seems to be positive so if anyone has had this and had a positive outcome please let me know .
Mel x

Hi Mel,


The waiting time is the worst part in my opinion, I am currently waiting for biopsy results too so you are not alone.

It's horrible :( 

I hope you get your results soon and all the best. 

Take care Melissa xx

Hi Melissa 

it certainly is the worst part !

today has dragged on and on but tomorrow I'm at work so will be busy so that's good.

how long have you been waiting for your biopsy ?


hi Mel, I know exactly what your going through, I was an absolute mess waiting for my results so big hugs for you.

glad the lletz went well for you, I found my treatment ok to. I didn't really have much info in my results letter, other than my biopsy showed the abnormalities predicted in my smear and go back for a colposcopy in 6 months.

so the other day I phoned the clinic to have some info on my unusual periods, then I plucked up the courage to ask about my results in more detail, the nurse said my abnormalities where higher up in my cervical canal and that my glandular cells where abnormal. but she reassured me I had nothing to worry about and that I'll be seen in august.

your lletz has been done now so just relax now hun, we're in safe hands 

kirsty xxx

hi Melissa, 

big hugs to you to hun, waiting is absolutely awful :( it's important not to stress yourself out to much (easier said than done I know) I hope you get your results soon, it's the worst not knowing. I'm here anytime you girls need a chat or advice.

take care xx kirsty xx

Hi Mel

I've been waiting just over a week.

How about you? Melissa xx

Hry Kirsty

Thank you so much for your message.

On your biopsy what abnormalities were found? CIN?

Tale care Melissa xx

I asked the nurse what the abnormalities was and she said it didn't say :/ just something about glandular abnormalities xx

Hi Kirsty

Well just think..... your in safe hands now and the hospital are taking care of it and keeping an eye on it so that's the main thing. :)

Hope your colposcopy in 6 months is ok too.

It's so reassuring having this forum to chat to others who are going through the same worrying time!!

Take care

Melissa xx

thank you Melissa, we are in safe hands :)

this forum is a godsend isn't it, it's got me through a real hard time, your all amazing xx

Hi girls 

thanks for the messages.

its only day 2 for me waiting for my results!

spoke with the nurse that saw me for colposcopy yesterday as I had a few questions which I forgot to ask , she was lovely putting my mind at rest & asked how I was feeling today .

she said she would personally call me hopefully by the end of next week for my results ! 

Lets all keep positive together 



I totally agree it is a godsend! Really lovely people on here wanting to reassure and help one another. So kind :) xxx

Aww that's good and very nice of her that she will call you personally by the end of the week.

I hope mine hurry up and arrive.... I am just thinking.. If it was something serious surely they would have rang by now.. im just holding on to that each day..


Hi Melissa

yes fingers crossed you hear soon.

sending love & positive vibes

mel x

Waiting is horrible! Try to stay busy, which I know is easier said than done!

I found the week waiting for the Colposcopy awfully slow and I managed to gain 1/2 stone in weight, so on day 2 of waiting for results from biopsy I am avoiding food full stop!

I have only just joined the forum and agree it was the best thing I have done!

Day 5 and it's the best I've felt.

I've lost 7lbs in 6 days which is good but not good !

go on a cruise in 2 weeks so at least my dresses will fit better !!

sending positive thoughts and hope we all get good results soon ...

we can then get on with our lives x