The waiting game!

Hi everyone,

Ive been visiting Dr Google and after almost having a complete breakdown, finally found this site... self diagnosis with the aid of google is not my friend!

Anyway, here is my story so far... I had a smear back in November 2013 ahich showed LSIL/mild dyskarosis in line with CIN1. I had this done privately, not realising that if i had it done with my regular gp, i would have automatically been screened for hpv as the hov triage here... anyways I was advised to return in 6 months for another smear. June 2014, i had my next smear which was all clear and was advised to repeat in 12 months in view of my history. I had my latest smear in February and got results last week showing borderline with hpv (this time i had it with my gp) and I have now been referred for a colposcopy.

Now after visiting google, i am realising my symptoms. I have had a slight lower back pain for the past few months and an intermittent pain in my groin which I really hadnt thought much of.  I started taking cerazette in december last year after being off it for around a year.  Shortly after starting it, i had what i believed to be thrush. I work away from home on ships and the medic there xid a urine test and said there was indication of an infection but told me to treat the thrush and be aware of any other symptoms. I got my period just after finishing my thrush treatment and it was now accompanied by a pretty horrific smell-sorry if this is too much information but it was like something had crawled inside me and died.  When my period finished, the smell continued, I could literally smell it through my clothes but it was not accompanied by any discharge so I went back to the medical centre and was treated with some very strong antibiotics for a suspected STI.  I returned home just after I finished my antibiotics and went to my own doctor for the smear. By this stage the smell seemed to have gone... after my smear, i got my period again and the smell returned although nowhere near as bad as before... however it is now accompanied by a clear watery discharge.  By now, dr google has convinced me that I have full blown cervical cancer.  Im trying to be calm but my moods are up and down like a yoyo. I was supposed to return to work this week but have had to postpone so now I have the added stress of no income on top of everything else.

Anyways, its all a waiting game now as I dont know when I will be having the colposcopy but I am going to go to the dr on monday and hopefully get some reassurance and clarification of it all.

Iguess the reason I am posting is more that I need to vent and get this all off my chest moreso than anything else. And to keep me away from google! Ahhhh!

Anyways, thanks for being here!!!!


Sorry to hear that you have been having such a rough time.

Just out of interest, were u treated for bacterial vaginosis? Might have been with an antibiotic called metronidazole? Only ask because the symptoms u mention sound a bit like that. Might be too much information for you to share but is the discharge u mention, frothy and thin? Maybe the antibiotcs didn't completely clear the infection.

Might be worth a mention although the colposcopy will no doubt shed some light on it

Fingers crossed for a positive result

Anne x

Hi Anne,

Thanks for your reply. 

The discharge is thin but not frothy. It is literally like water. I havent been treated with metronidazole but i had been thinking that was a possible explanation when the smell returned...until I got my smear results when of course, it became much worse in my head but I will ask the doctor on Monday and see what they recommend.

You know, just posting here earlier has already calmed my mood so much. Talking (well,typing) is definitely good!

So, i went to the doctor today and had some swabs. Can expect results of those in a week. In other news, I called the hospital about my colposcopy referral and they told me I am likely to wait 7 months before I get an appointment for my colposcopy!!! I honestly dont know how I can keep myself calm for that long!!!!!