The Waiting Game



I have been reading this forum lately and it's amazing how one ladies experience differs from the other!  

I am really just venting out loud I think,  not sure,  I'll start from the beginning.... 

Downstairs had been fine until 27/8/13 I was in an abusive relationship and decided to terminate my pregnancy,  I had alot of complications after,  infection excessively bleeding,  in pain the lot,  well to cut a long story short beginning of April my doctor ordered I have a smear and swabs to determine why I was still having problems: the nurse wasn't sure they'd be able to get an accurate smear because I was still bleeding heavily. A few days later I received a letter asking me to come for a colnposcopy and a few days later a letter saying I have high grade dyskaryosis. 

So the 28/4 I went under the pretence that I would probably have treatment the same day like it said in the leaflets,  the doctor Ans nurses were lovely,  he even showed me on the screen where the cell changes were ( looked like mouldy chicken! ) he took several biopsies and said he wouldn't treat me today as there was too much. After he sat me downand said the cell changes appeared 'significant' and said he'd be in touch in 4 weeks. 

I have been okay with waiting, but as time goes on I'm getting more concerned. I'm constantly uncomfortable, I have pelvic pressure all day everyday,  I now have rectal bleeding, I am probably over thinking, but I just don't know anymore. 

All I keep thinking about is his words..  Significant.


Know how awful the waiting gets as time goes on.  For what its worth they phoned me about 10 days after my colposcopy saying the consultant wanted to see me and it was then I was told I had CC.  Why don't you give them a ring tomorrow and ask if your results are in yet and explain what is happening and how you are feeling.  I'm sure they will be sympathetic and able to advise you.

Good luck with your results.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx