The waiting game!!

i went last Friday for a colposcopy they took a biopsy on the letter it said I was moderate, I’m thinking all sorts I’m 45 and worried so much, waiting for the test results is horrible and feel like I’m going out my mind, can anyone help me feeling anxious as I’m not sleeping proper and constantly thinking the worse.

Hi hunni. I had my colposcopy on the 8th of this month. I had been sent after my first ever smear which was abnormal. They said it was severe (CIN3) Im 28 and a mother of 4 beutiful children.

I can completly relate to you being anxious and stressed at the min. As i am waiting my results after lletz and biopsy at my colsoscopy and i am awaiting to get a biopsy done for vulva melanosis aswell.

But the great thing about this is that you were moderate, not yet severe and you are now on the system. So if they do find anything, they will be able to remove it. 

I have found just reading over other ladies posts on this has been very helpful. It seems whatever the results, there is treatment out there to help us and is very sucessful.

So just try and not stress to much, a healthy mind and positive outlook will help us through and there is plenty of ladies in the same sitiuation. We arent alone.