The waiting game (children mentioned)

Hi never really used a forum before but need to realise my thoughts. I received my diagnosis 2 days ago have a MRI and CT scan booked in 5 days. Until then I haven't been given any idea of stage or treatment so this website has been really useful. Since diagnosis i have been sad and cried but now I feel lost, trying to stay positive and busy keep things normal but it's always there in my mind. Do I tell people yet? Trying to keep things from children until I know the plan, is this right? Work have said not to go in but I feel a fraud sitting at home. Feels like life has paused anyone feel the same?

i understand completely. I've been diagnosed with CC stage 1b1.. I have a 6month old daughter and a 12 year old son. Im terribly upset. I find myself looking on the internet constantly and I'm so so worried about reoccurrence and I'm not even cured yet! I've had an MRI and CT scan which have came back clear and I've been told I need a radical hysterectomy (but my ovaries are not being taken). I've my pre-op on Thursday and then I've a holiday booked to go to Majorca on the Saturday :-(. I feel I must go to keep things "normal" for my husband and kids but I really can see it far enough. I can't bear the thought of not being around to see my kids grow up. Xxxx

Hi I am the same. I have been told Stage 1 so far but nothing else. I have MRI tomorrow and I'm trying to be strong for my two year old. I can't believe how young we all are!! I'm hoping to get my clinical exam next week which should tell me whether I need a hysterectomy or other surgery. I too will be heading to Menorca three days after my examination. I'm so scared and emotional right now I couldnt face work as police officer dealing with other people's problems!! Sleeping tablets have helped a bit though x

Well, I'm sorry all you have had to join us , but this is the best place for advice, support and venting.

Laura: It is so worrying when doctors don't give you any further information after dropping the bombshell and  I do think it makes the waiting period even harder.  At least your CT scan and MRI are relatively soon.

As to when to tell people, I think many factors come into play. I do think it is easier to tell people when you have a treatment plan. I told my husband and sister right away when I was diagnosed. One son walked in when I had just received the news on the phone so I told him, although I wouldn't have if that hadn't happened. I told my other son, who was out of the country, the bare basics. I've never told my mum, who is elderly and lives in a different country. I think you have to balance what helps you - you need support etc - with what helps your family and friends. It's easier, I think, to say that you have some abnormal cells that need sorting out so you'll be having X and Y treatment, rather than I have CC and I don't know what's next. You must do what is best for you so that you can focus on getting well.

Sonia and Leigh: If you're stage 1 then it's been found really early which is good.  The treatments are not what any of us  had planned for ourselves, but they are doable and manageable as you will see if you read the posts on here. CC is very treatable and cureable. My ObGyn said that if you had to have cancer, this is the one to have.  It's slow moving, the treatments are excellent, the area is usually very contained and it's very cureable.

You girls are being brave and strong.  You can do this.

Keep us posted.  Jump on with questions or if you are feeling wobbly - we've all been where you are. Sonia - stay off the bloody internet!  Dr. Google will scare you to death.

love t x

Hi everyone :-)

Wise words from dear Teresa once again :-) I can only reiterate;
Keep away from Google, ask all questions on here now you have found us.
This is a very curable cancer. It is highly unlikely you will miss out on your kids growing up.
I believe in telling people as little as I can get away with until I am armed with all the facts and I have all the answers to the questions they are bound to ask.
If it is possible to distract yourself by keeping busy then do that, but if you are a tearful heap then there is simply no point in humiliating yourself by going in to work. We are all different and that is one you must work out for yourselves.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you all for the thoughts and advice it does help in someway to know I'm not the only one going through this. My boys are 6 and 4 so won't really understand much, I just hope it is early and treatment will get rid of everything. Trying to keep busy and stay positive but then it hits you, can't control it . I'm a nurse who is a smear taker and feel that I should have noticed something but I only had symptoms for the last 2-3 months and they were things that I put down to other problems and as I knew my smear was due this year I just waited. Does anyone know how long after scan treatment will start? 

Hello All,

I haven't been on this forum for about 7 months but I have come across this post today and I had to comment...

If you click on my name (in pink), you will see in August 2015, I posted a completely panic stricken post as I had been diagnosed with 1b1 cc. I am 37 with 2 children (a boy aged 9 and a girl now 6). I was completely devastated about the thought of leaving them. I went through a total rollercoaster of emotion. This forum was a god send - I appreciated Tivoli's advice so much!

On October 15th 2015, i underwent a radical hysterectomy but they left my ovaries in place. On Nov 3rd 3015, i was told there was no spread to my lymph nodes so effectively "all clear". I have just had my 2nd check up on Weds - again all clear!! I am fit and well and living life to the full.....11 months ago, I was "you" now it seems like a blur.

My macmillan nurse said the same as what Teresa said - "If you had a choice of cancers, you would want yours. You'll be treated, move on and never look back" and she was right.


I did tell people when I knew what my treatment was....for me it was a godsend. I had people who I worked with, friends etc telling me their cancer they had been successfully treated and moved on. Some of these people I had known for over 10 years amd had no idea they had had cancer! I remember our office receptionist messaging me saying "Hi Kelly, I had cervical cancer when I was in my 30s, i had  hysterectomy and i'm now 57 and tough as an ox! You'll be fine!" My children were never told however. They just think mum had a tummy op. It's personal to you whether you want to tell people. For me it helped. Too often you hear the "heartbreaking" stories when there are many success stories......Well here I am waving the flag for the positive outcomes!!!

Like I said, I haven't been on this forum for a while. I think alot of women, like me, find this forum when diagnosed, use it whilst undergoing treatment and then once they have the all clear, they move on with their lives and no longer have any need for this forum. It's a shame really as we are the women who can give hope and positivity to ladies like you. I made a really good friend on here - Helsbels68. She is another 1b1 lady who  successfully treated with a rad hyst. We now keep in touch via facebook and I think she is off doing Pretty Muddy for Cancer Research today so she's fighting fit too!

Stay strong, stay away from google and use this forum if you have any questions.

Lots of Love, Kelly xxx

So MRI and CT scan was 2 days ago, there is a meeting today to discuss my scans and treatment plan and I should find this and stage out either today or tomorrow. I really want to know results but also feeling very scared. After scans I felt more positive that I was nearly there on knowing what I had to fight but now results are getting closer head is all over the place again.Getting messages from friends and kids getting party invites for the next few weeks but just feel like I can't plan anything and say yes as I don't know what will happen. Does anyone know how long after staging treatment will start? 

Hi, this is my first post here as well. It has been years since I had last had a smear. I wasn't really worried because I have never had an abnormal smear. I got busy, didn't even think about it. Well last month I started having abnormal bleeding. I booked an appointment, got my first abnormal pap, biopsy, bam endocervical glandular cancer. I just got my news on Tuesday July 5th. I do not know a stage either. I'm terrified. I meet with an oncology team on Tuesday. I've cried until I can't cry anymore. I feel like my life is on pause. idk how to explain. I'm terrified. 

Hi Laura:

I think that treatment starts pretty quickly once your treatment plan has been decided. I can't really help as I'm not in the UK, but I think I was a couple of weeks.  If you check out a few signatures you'll see some time frames that may help, or you could call your doctor and ask.

NM: You don't have to explain how you feel on this forum. We all totally understand how you feel because we have all been exactly where you are now. Sweetie, we are all here to support you and help you through this, because you will get through this. It may not seem like it right now, but you will. Start a new thread so that everyone can jump in and welcome you - you may get lost in the shuffle on this one. You can do this, so let us help you. I'm a glandular girl too so I can hopefully answer a lot of your questions.

love t xx

Hi I was diagnosed on August 21st last year. I received my MRI results on September 16th and then had my radical hysterectomy on October 15th - so 8 weeks after my initial diagnosis. I received my lymph node results 3 weeks after that so all in all - 11 weeks from start to finish xx