The Wait

Still no results! I'm on the verge of insane now all this waiting!

I had punch biopsies NYE and have been bleeding heavy since so not looking forward to the loop ect!


Feeling so angry this AM about all this :-( 

Hi All

Feeling a little rotten today as my orange goo has now turned to period type bleeding (not too heavy Lexy but then I am a couple of days behind you, changing every couple of hours more for hygiene than being soaked)

I have a horrid cough which I just can't seem to shake and trying really hard not to put it on my list of reasons why I am in fact really ill.  

For me its getting a bit real as now almost at the 10 day mark when I believe they start to get results back. It is literally all I think about. 

Gahhhhhh! I hate being like this. Want to shake myself but I believe if I did, something may well fall out! 



Iv just called and my biopsy results are in! She said she couldn't give me them but will get the nurse to call straight back with them... All of a sudden I Dont want the phone to ring! 

Flowerpower good luck for your phone call, fingers firmly crossed xx

Ooh flowerpower good luck with your call. Everything crossed for you x x


Got to go in for loop but she said results show no evidence of cancer! 


Whoop!!! Flowerpower that's briliant news! You must be so pleased!xx

Yay! Flowerpower I am genuinely THRILLED for you! Sorry you have to go back for LLETZ (not that bad, honest) but what a huge relief.

Champers in the waiting room tonight!

x x x

I am so pleased but slightly confused lol...

I feel a huge weight has lifted! 

Just curious as to why my smear showed suggested cin3 ?

now the post has just come with a letter from cervical screening saying my results show 'high grade (moderate) dyskaryosis' and that I will receive another letter very soon! 


Yay! That's the best news Flowerpower! What a relief! 

Hey Lexy, there's no such thing as TMI on this forum!  ;)


Hooray!  Good news, Flower! :)



Hey everyone, how are you all feeling? It's now day 13 and my curiosity got the better of me today. I just plucked up the courage to call the secretary of the colposcopy clinic. She said that it might be too early for results so I told her that the consultant who did the lletz treatment had marked my biopsy as urgent. She said in that case they may well be back. She put me on hold for a few minutes (which felt like a lifetime) then a nurse picked up the phone (same nurse who had been holding my hand during the procedure) she told me that she could arrange for the consultant to call me tomorrow with the results. I asked her if they were definitly back and her response was 'we always like the consultant to talk through the results with patients' I asked her if she had seen the results herself and she told me that she hadn't. 

I am going out of my mind with worry now. I keep going back to the original letter that was sent to my GP saying 'Cytological features raising the possibility of invasive disease are also present' I don't feel like I can bother my partner with this worry so it's so good to have the support of all you lovely ladies. Makes me feel less like a hypochondriac when I see others are just as worried about their results as I am. Thanks everyone x

Hey Lexy,

Good that your results are back, we are all saying the wait is so hard, and yours is nearly there. Have they said when the Consultant will call or is it a case of hanging by the phone?

Try not to let your mind wander on the possibilities as you will just spend the next 24 hours getting yourself in a state. I know this is so much easier said than done. 

If you want to let off steam feel free to message me. Oh and do bother your partner, and anyone you need to. Don't be worried about offloading.

Wishing you all the very best news and sending you much love


Hi Lexy

I'm not surprised you're nervous.  I had a day or do waiting for the phone to ring and I remember the feeling. Thinking of you! I'm sure your partner will want to be there for you so maybe you should talk about how you feel. You really do deserve everyone's support.  :).

I think it's fairly usual to have to wait for the consultant to discuss the results, so try not to read too much into that. Deep breaths, Lexy! Really hoping you get good news. Hang on in there and remember,  this virtual waiting room is full of people sending you virtual hugs and wishing you well. Take care, sweetie!

Kirsty xx

Thanks Suzy and Kirsty,

Im feeling ok about it. Will just be waiting by the phone all morning tomorrow! I keep telling myself that if they have the results and it's serious then they would have contacted me by now. Let's hope I can continue that attitude and actually get some sleep tonight!

Hey Lexy

Try and keep in your mind that you called them and not the other way round. Hopefuy they are just saving you the further anxiety of waiting for a letter in the post confirming the bad boys have left town :-) 

Will be thinking of you and wishing you very well



Hi guys! The wait is the WORST! I had my lletz yesterday at 17.30 and I’m already going mad!!! I only had my smear result last Tuesday- I called the hospital every day trying to get a cancelation even though I hadn’t every received an appointment. In a few weeks I’ll start ringing them again for my biopsy results, then they might block my number!!! This site has been a God send- people I talk to, including my partner, keep saying it will be fine and I need to stop worrying. But it might not be and I can’t!! And you guys get that!

Good luck for tomorrow and remember where we are!

The waiting is awful- I wouldn’t be surprised if this conv ends up being the biggest yet!

Lots of love xx

Hi Sam

Welcome on board the waiting train!

Hope you are not feeling too bad today. The first few days after my LLETZ I was not too bad but think I was high on painkillers as I ate them like sweeties. It has taken me about 10 days to feel normalish again as have been very tired and lethargic. No one really warned about that but guess the worrying is stressful and can make you feel like that too.

I think I probably did a bit too much in hindsight as was trying to soldier on. Finally on just a teeny tiny panty liner today and trying to keep positive about my results. I like your idea about ringing til they asbo you, might try it, but also a bit too scared to ask! 


Good luck today, thinking of you and hope you get great news x x


Hi Ladies,

Just been having a nosey through all the comments here and you all seem so lovely.

Lexy - good luck with your call today. Hope it's all good news as i'm sure it will be :)

Hope you don't mine me noseying in on your thread. I'm not in the same position as most of you but have been in the past year.

I had my lletz in February last year after a smear in November 2013. I then had my 6 month smear early September which came back inconclusive. I had to wait 3 months for another smear which I had early December (5 weeks ago) and i'm still waiting for the results from this. In just under 4 weeks it will be a year since my lletz and I am still waiting for my 6 month check up results.

I tried ringing the hospital yesterday and was told they wouldn't check until it had been 6 weeks, so will have to wait till next Tuesday if I haven't heard anything;

Over the last 14 months this forum has been an absolute godsend and has made the waiting much easier to deal with.

Good luck to you all x