The Wait

It's been 8 days since my punch biopsy nd I can't honestly say this wait is awful :-( I really need these results before I go insane! How long did everyone's take? 


Mine took about 6 weeks. I know its so horrible waiting, but MOST of the time they contact you much sooner if its something serious. I know myself that its little comfort when you're on edge every day waiting, why can't we talk sense to ourselves! I know this sounds bad, but I hope yours take longer as it means its less serious! xxx

Hi flowerpower, it's been ten days since my LLETZ and i'm going crazy too! Almost cried at a withheld number yesterday in a panic that it was the hospital! Bloody PPI callers!!!!!! Feel much calmer today though, phew!

No news is good(ish) news right? :)


We all hate the wait! It's the pits.

Can the clinic tell you how much longer you have to wait? I heard back after 3 weeks. If you know how much longer you'll have more chance of pushing those thoughts to the side and getting on with life. We can't have you going insane! ;)

Hang on in there Flower and Exercise-a-holic!

Kirsty xx

P.S. Now I'm stuck at home I'm really noticing the nuisance calls.  If I hear PPI one more time......

Hey everyone,

I'm playing the waiting game too... It's been 8 days since my Lletz too! Let's make this this thread a chat about the wait shall we? Kinda like a nice friendly waiting room? :) I would love to hear from everyone who's waiting and how long it takes before your results arrive. Fingers crossed for some good news for you all. My biopsy was sent off on new years eve and the consultant said that he would mark it as urgent. He said that urgent might mean that I recieve the results in two weeks (because it fell over new year it will take longer than the 7-10 days that they would normally do an 'urgent' one in) I've been reading lots of threads to see how long most take and it seems to vary massively. Anything from 7 days to 7 weeks!

Just out of interest, Flowerpower and Exercise-a-holic - what did the colposcopist say to you when he/she did the lletz? Did they give you an indication of how 'bad' it looked when they were doing it? I am driving myself mad right now rethinking every last comment my doc said to me.

It's good to know that there are other people going through what I am at the moment. (although I wish that nobody had to go through this) I keep telling myself that I'm panicing over nothing but it's just that one seed of doubt that keeps creeping back.

Sending you all positive vibes,



Hi Lexy

Mine didn't say too much really,my Dr does the same sport as I do so we got distracted talking about that at the end and I forgot to ask everything I needed to ask. Annoyed with myself.  He did seem happy that he'd got everything and the nurse agreed and told me she'd watched him do it and watched him cauterise all of the wound properly.  I asked her how big the area was and she drew a circle the size of a 1p coin on my aftercare leaflet and said it was a large area.

I wish I'd watched on the screen, but I spent most of the treatment with my eyes closed holding my breath! (I was told several times by the nurse to remember to breathe).  I wish I'd known in advance that my insides would be up on a massive flat screen TV by my face, I'd probably have watched intently, but it was quite a shock and too much to deal with all at once so I ignored it.

I agree completely, while it's awful anyone else is going through this it's also so helpful to have you all here xx



Hey Exercise-a-holic,

The first post I looked at after my Lletz was yours about how long I should wait before exercise. I'm also very sporty and really enjoy playing roller derby which is a full contact, very rough sport! I have been told not to play for 3-4 weeks and it's doing my head in! I'm planning on returning to a bit of light skating next week though hopefully. :) How long are you leaving it before returning? What sport do you play?

I watched a bit on the big screen whilst he did the lletz treatment. I had to look away at one point when I saw a gapping great hole where my cervix once was! I know it looked worse than it actually looked in real life because it was blown up so big! But it was so unreal! I looked back after he had cauterised the wound and it was a great big black burnt scab! How i managed not to pass out, I will never know!

Did your doc give you an idea of how long you would need to wait for results? x

Doctor said a minimum of ten days.  It's ten days today but I don't feel brave enough to try quite yet.  I've been on a couple of short walks and have been fine, just a bit sore but no extra bleeding etc.

I think I'm going to leave it to 14 days to be sure and then start back gradually. I do triathlon and would normally be training at least once everyday, so it's driving me mad having to be still and watching rubbish TV.  I'm also supposed to be doing the Brighton Marathon in April, it's eating in to my training plan, - how inconsiderate of my cervix!! haha I'm not too desperate to get that though, there'll be other marathons.

That does seem sensible to wait longer before you play again as it's such a rough sport, I wouldn't like to be bashed around at the moment! Did they advise you 4-6 weeks before any sport, or just before you go back to matches? 

I'm trying to think whether cycling or running will be more gentle for getting back in to it, I hate the fear of starting and doing more damage and delaying healing even longer.

It's just feels like every day is a week (or longer) I hate when the phone rings incase it's them, but then get angry when it's not them! I make no sense to myself these days! 

I've called them this morning and she said my smear is back but the biopsies arnt and a nurse will call me before 5.30 with the smear result.

When I had my colposcopy she said it was 1cm abnormal area that looked severe and cancer couldn't be ruled out. I didn't look at the screen so not sure myself, she also said it was coming from the opening in the cervix?! 


Man this wait is so bad :-( 


flowerpower sounds like you're getting somewhere, good luck for your phone call this afternoon.

I really wish I'd asked more about mine when I was there.

At least part of your wait is almost over xx


Can I join the waiting room too?

What a hellish place this is.

Had my LLETZ a week tomorrow and trying to keep calm and carry on, but it is hard. I was told it was a large area, and the Consultant was called in for a shufty. Got a couple of missed calls from an unknown number yesterday and literally had to run to the loo with the stress and fright! Turns out it was my shopping delivery...

Anyway, trying very hard to distract myself, but this seems to be mainly spending money (lots of) and hanging around on Jo's. Had my hair and nails done and bought trashy magazines which has lifted me a little for today. Not sure I can afford 6 weeks more of it though!

I am missing exercise, and intimacy too. My poor husband looks so sad because I am sad. Normally I am a bit of a gym dodger, but knowing I can't makes me want it even more!

I have found older posts where people came back with their results really comforting, as a lot of them came back completely fine from what I have seen. Lets hope that all of ours do too. And if the results be not what we wanted that we have the strength to deal with what comes next.

Good luck girls, thinking of you all



Hey Suzysooz,

yep, hellish is the word. I tell you, I will go mad if I have to wait 6 weeks for the results. I know that it would probably mean good news if they make me wait that long but I honestly already feel like I've waited months. I can't sleep at the moment... Only getting about 4 houts a night which doesn't help my mood. It's good to find distractions. For me, it's my chickens :) I have 11 feathery ladies and they are so lovely to be around.


Hiya ladies, I had my smear and recieved my results in 2weeks had my colposcopy and biopsy taken but didn't do lletz then as was going on holiday but my biopsy results came back in 2 weeks and then my lletz results only took one week maybe I'm just lucky where I live (there's hardly anyone here on the Isle of Wight!!) so please try not to panic too much and DONT GOOGLE trust me it only makes things worse!! Xxx

I'm on day 8 of waiting and feel the same! I have a meltdown everytime I get a call from an unknown number and a trembling wreck when I get home and see the mail... my nurse said 3-4 weeks but I cant remember anything else she said despite me asking a million questions! I might ring and ask... I'm missing exercise too, I used to play roller derby too Lexy! I sort of retired last year but do miss it! X

Hey Jenna, nice to talk to a fellow derby girl. :) hope your wait isn't too long. Floppypoppy - that sounds like everything went quickly for you? Good to be in the Isle of Wight! It's made me think... What area of the country is everybody from here? Assuming everyone is uk?

floppypoppy that's great service by your area!

I'm in Surrey

Hi a week today since my colposcopy and lletz.totally relate to the fear of the phone ringing and seeing the postman.have to say though ive found this forum very helpful knowing otgers are going through the same and understand my and friends all seem to say the same...youll be fine dont worry...easier said than done.for me this is the scariest thing ive ever been through.xx

Hey Woo, nice to meet you :)

I'm Sussex based... It would be interesting to know how quick results are in different areas though I'm sure it must vary month to month and also depending on how urgent they see your results in being. I know I am totally overthinking this! Really just want this to be over now 

Morning Ladies,

How was everyone's weekend? I hope you're all ok.

I managed to start exercising again and it's made me feel so much better.  I did a little 10 minute cycle on saturday and then sat nervously for 2 hours waiting to see if I'd caused a bleed, I felt really silly but it was quite scary!  Anyway, no problems at all - not even cramping, so I did 30 mins yesterday and was fine again, so I'm starting to feel like my body is finally healing. My LLETZ was 2 weeks ago today.


Morning Exercise-a-holic

That's great news that you are exercising again. I bet it feels great to have a bit of normality return (or at least feel a bit more healthy and have a bit of distraction from the wait !)

Just checked my morning post. Nothing has arrived - and so it continues. I started bleeding quite heavily yesterday. Not sure if it's my period or not. I'm not due on for another week but I'm not aways completely regular so maybe it's just that. This might be tmi but I had to wear a super sized nighttime pad on my pants, then I also wore a pair of leggings over the top with another sanitary pad in to catch any spills (a lot of bleeding) just to get through the night. I'm glad I did because I soaked through the first one and partially soaked the second. Yuck. Anyone had a lot of bleeding or a really heavy period? I literally cannot wait to stop wearing a pad 24 7.