THE WAIT......



well I've been keeping a close eye on this forum in my darkest days and thought I would now. I've always had normal smears and then had my daughter 3 years ago. My smear test came up not long after after giving up and stupidly ignored. Until 5 weeks ago I got another reminder, so bit the bullet and booked. Very nervous but felt pleased to just get it over with. The nurse mentioned I had thrush and that was it. Until s few weeks later, I got the letter to say it was severely abnormal. It was the biggest shock. I spent the 3 weeks in run up to colposcopy crying, ringing up my nurse, hospital, cancer helpline. Just awful. But yesterday I had the apt. I was so scared. In hindsight, it was not painful, but just VERY cub comfortable and had terrible pains last night. I did ask the dr if he thought it was cancer and he said 'no, but....' Why the but? I guess he can't say for sure. I'm just so terrified. I'm trying to be all jolly as everyone's excited for Christmas and all I can think about is 'is this my last Christmas' if it is cancer, will they ring me? And will it be sooner? 

Hi Hun,

your worrying is completely understandable & I think we all do it. 

The "but" he mentioned was probably because he spotted some abnormal cells (CIN).

im guessing he took some biopsies? These results can take a few weeks to come through but they will show the grade of CIN & that will decide if you need treatment. 

Im not sure if you've spoken to any of your girlfriends but youl be suprised as to how common this is! It just seems us women don't really talk about it. 

Try to keep yourself occupied & mind elsewhere. Also google isn't the best of places! 



I am in exactly the same boat I got high grade dyskaryosis then had a colposcopy the cells have gone away to be checked and I’m stuck here waiting obviously thinking the worst and if it is the worst what is that!? But Johanna is right googling isn’t good and drives you alittle mad! And if is funny that as u start talking about it lots of people have had laser treatments years ago and all sorts when they’ve had abnormal cells and they seem fine now.
The advantage you have Aswel as you have had previous good smears so you can work out even if it is bad you haven’t had it long because cancers of the cervix can take 10-15 years to even develop into cancer xx

Well I had the loop thingy so he did do some treatment.

google is a bloody nightmare! I can't believe how common it actually is... Loads of my friends have had it... Except my mind says I will be the one who gets cancer! How are you both doing? 

I know what you mean I feel exactly the same it will be me!! And yeah I’m ok had Colposcopy done on Monday I was grateful at first to have it removed but now knowing that may not be the end is alittle worrying waiting is just the hardest at least we are not doing it on our own! Xx

I think we all think the worst case scenario. It's like a constant battle panicking its the worst & then the rational side of is says to stop being silly. 

Waiting & worrying can do crazy things to your mind! 

im still awaiting my trachelectomy as it had to be rescheduled after me having a cold so couldn't have surgery & a few other things so iv felt the pressure abit this last week but it's rebooked for next Monday.

Will be glad to put this all behind me (minus cervix of course!) 


I bet you do! Well good luck for next Monday let us know how you get on. Xx

Yes Good luck! My cramping is going down now... I'm tempted to ring the hospital next week. one minute I'm ok and I think 'ok if it's cancer, I will beat it and all will be fine' then the next I'm scared to death worried I won't see my baby grow up :-( 

Any news? I rung on fri in distress as I had a sore lump under my arm but they said my biopsy had not even been tested yet :-(