the wait continues...

Hi All,

Just a question is anyone else struggling with the no sex for 4 weeks after Loop Biopsy? I have a stupidly high sex drive and it's doing a lot at me. Did anyone try to before the 4weeks were up?

Thanks ladies xxx

Oh my god I'm really struggling!!  Mine was three weeks ago now so I've only got to wait another week. I want a bath as well!!! X

I know I'm the same!! I'm literally going stir's all I think about 24/7 at the minute!! Even though I'm still having bleeding issues its driving me well as this stupidly long wait for results!!

You still not had yours yet?


Your allowed a bath hun. Or at least my doctor said I was! X

Hi hun,

Strange i was told to only have showers? I'm not missing a relaxing bath, missing the other haha 


Not had my lletz results yet no. I was told 4 week wait for them. I was told 4 -6 weeks no bath, no tampons, no sex and no swimming. Xxx

What if you dont have a shower? Ah well fingers crossed mine haven't done me any harm so far! I hate going in the sjower. Baths r much better! Got told the other stuff though.  

Hope your results come back alright x

Oh god ladies me and my partner "did it" the other night. So annoyed at myself but it's been three weeks and I feel ok and it didn't hurt. I'm gonna have a bath tonight as well. I think it's bad if you use too much shower gell etc down there because it messes with the ph balance. X

I think its just a guideline anyways to be honest.  Like they say 6 weeks after a baby (I know people wjo had sex after a week n were fine). Go with how you feel! X

Hi Girls,

Butterfly I think I'm gonna try it next weekend (first weekend in our new home!) That will be about 3 weeks then! Fingers crossed it ends up like yours! Hes more worried than I am about it, paranoid of hurting me or making me poorly lol

Anyaanya gonna try having a bath tomorrow too ive avoided it for the first couple of weeks but i just want a good relaxing soak with my yankee candles and chill out tunes!! Will let you both know how I get on haha

Wish me luck ;) lol oh and still no results yet only been 2 weeks today though so could be anytime!!