The Unicorn and Tiara Cervical Cancer Cycling Charge

Morning Ladies.

I was diagnosed with Stage 1B2 CC last year which has spread to my lymph nodes.  I underwent chemo/radio/bracy last year and was told I was in Clinical Remission last December.  I had my 6 month scan in May this year which showed spread to my lungs (restaged 4B).  Obviously gutted about this and am currently having taxol/carbo/avastin which I am hopeful will work.

In order to support me, some of my work mates have decided to take on a cycle challence to help raise money for Jo's as they have been such a support for me.  They have currently raised £700 and hope to raise more before they take on an epic bike ride from Liverpool to Norwich (where I live).  I have posted a link to the Just Giving page below so please feel free to borrow the link and share on any media platform you like as the more we can raise for Jo's the better.  Hope everyone is doing well and remember, positivity is a medicine and enjoying life can help you get better no matter what the circumstances.

love to all, Anna xx

ps - the challance is called the Unicorn and Tiara Charge as I love unicorns and when i feel unhappy i put on a Tiara (I am 36) as it always makes me smile!!