The sex actually got better

I am posting this to offer  a little bit of experience to others worrying about the "what ifs" after treatment. I have read lots of posts from people who have unfortunately not had as good an experience and I want to make it clear that I am not denying their experience or belittling it. There's no guarantees about anything after treatment, but people often post about negative experiences and forget to come post about positive ones.

I am 32. Married. No kids. I was diagnosed with grade 1a1 adenocarcinoma and had a hysterectomy in April 2014. I didn't need to have chemo or radio and I was able to retain my ovaries.

Prior to diagnosis I had an active and satisfying sex life. Since my early twenties I have always had a few issues with unpredictable vaginal pain during sex but have been lucky enough to find a partner for whom full penetration wasn't the be all and end all. If things were too painful then we just did something else. I was not someone who could reach orgasm quickly or easily but never really felt it was absolutely necessary to have an enjoyable experience

During the period of diagnosis and treatment we were understandably not that interested in sex. Being told we shouldn't during the recovery wasn't exactly hard to stick to.

Post operatively there was nervousness about returning to sex. I had a lot of worries about whether I would still have the same sensations or reactions. Would orgasms feel different? Would it still be painful?

Well. After the initial nerves everything works just fine. Better in fact. I don't get the pains I used to and all the sensations and reactions are there just fine. I suspect more than fine as it was definitely a lot easier to reach orgasm than before. I will admit to a sudden bursting into tears after the first time we tried, but I think that was more of a relief thing than a sadness. Overall I am quite happy with how things have healed and am glad that we got back into having sex early rather than let it become a huge deal later.

Hopefully this little bit of candid information helps someone else out on their journey.


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Hi Azrelle,

what a great post,thanks for sharing.Just goes to show

sometimes out of bad comes good.

Becky x

Thank you for sharing!  I was diagnosed with CIN3 and as I am 40 and done having children, I am electing for a hysterectomy, but leaving the ovaries. After divorcing last year, I finally found a partner who the sex is amazing with and my biggest fear is that it will ruin sex for me!  Your post was very reassuring. Thank you!

Hi there, I was wondering if you guys that had elective hysterectomies were living in the UK? My doctor will not entertain the idea for me, I am 37, have a 10 year old child and my current partner cannot have children, I do not wish to have any more children meaning my uterus and cervix is of no use to me. I do not understand why my doctor is against an elective hysterectomy for me.