The results are in...

Received my letter today. It reads…
The treatment carried out in our colposcopy clinic on 28/4/14 has shown CIN 3.
You have been discharged from the clinic. You do, however, require a further cervical sample in 6 months.
A small proportion of women may be recalled to the colposcopy clinic.
If however your cervical sample in 6 months is reported as normal or a mild abnormality and is high risk HPV negative, then you will not require a further cervical sample for 3years.
Your GP or practice nurse will be quite happy to carry out the subsequent cervical samples.

does this mean they removed it all with my loop? And I just go to the doctors in 6months for another smear?

Thanks xx

Yes that’s why you have been discharged! It’s really good news, congrats! Xx

Excellent! Thank you! X