The results are in..

Hi Everyone

Just had my results this morning at the hospital.....NO CC (yippeeee) but still got CIN3 so heading back soon for another colposcopy and a deeper treatment (sorry forgotten the name! My mind is all over the place!) to remove the rest of the nasty cells under GA!

Fingers crossed they will get it all this time!

Thanks for all your support over the past few weeks....will keep you all updated on my 2nd colposcopy and treatment


Good luck Coral. At least you know its gonna be

So happy for you xx

Thats great! bet you are so relieved!xx

So happy for you hun..


Good luck with your second colp and treatment :) xx



1st smear - 17th April 

Abnormal results - 29th April 

Colposcopy booked - 20th May 

Thanks ladies! Fingers crossed they get all the nasties this time! Hope it hurries up I'm getting very broody at the moment haha 

Wish you all look with your treatments too xxxx

I am broody too! Have you asked how soon after lletz you can start trying?

i am almost too scared to ask the doctor in case they say I have to wait... Xx

Glad you got your results and its not CC good luck with rest of treatment!