The recurring cin3 nightmare has done one!

I can not believe I am writing this but had my 6monthly smear results today - negative for abnormal cells and for HPV (not that it was actually ever confirmed I had it in the first place). I wanted to write on here and tell my story as I tried to find information regarding recurrance of cin3 many a time and came up with very little. 


So even after three lletz in under two years you can have good results, I just hope this can give a little hope to ladies who are going through a similar situation. I also wanted to thank everyone who has ever replied to any of my posts for all of your support and to the fab staff at the hospital who I can not fault. 


Debs xxx


That's great news! Congratulations xx

Fantastic news Debs.  congrats xx

Thank you, best of luck to you xxx


Congratulations wonderful news xx

thank you for posting good news!

I have had 2 LLETZ treatments so far, I am going for my 6 month follow up smear tomorrow and am pretty much dreading it!!

You have given me a little hope



Hula-hoop best of luck for your check up. Its so frustrating on the current rollercoster that your on. Fingers crossed. Oh an while I am on here I find it a little odd that my next check up is in three years - any one any thoughts on this? 

My period started today so have had to move my check up - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

I think they put you to 3 yearly smears if you are HPV negative. I would find that hard to get my head around too. If you want to have yearly smears, you can pay for them at a Marie Stopes clinic if you want. They arent TOO expensive for peace of mind

Congrats again!


Oh no thats frustrating, more waiting for you then. Thanks regarding private smears I think thats what I'll do. Best of luck x

Hi Debs,

Only just seen this and had to write to say how pleased I am for you! What fantastic news, thanks for sharing. It gives me hope for my check-up. 

The return to 3 year recall is scary, it's to do with the HPV triage they are doing now. But as Hula Hoop says there are places when you can get a private smear.

Hula Hoop, fingers crossed for your check up.

All the best Debs, hopefully you can put this nightmare behind you now :)

Take care xx



Sorry just realised I have had more replies. I am just glad I can post something positive about recurrence there is so little info out there for us :-) best of luck to all xxx