the phone call nobody wants

Hi Ladies
Can’t get my head round it yet but had a call from gynae today…
Apparentlly although my diagnosis an treatment was in the bag… (cin 3 unsucessful lletz and hysterectomy booked 26.11.12) they have now decided to cancel my op for monday and seek a second opinion!!
I was expecting the worst 3 weeks ago and was relieved at clear MRI and worst case was hysterectomy. I was thinking lucky me and ready to get on with it!!
Now facing cc diagnosis after all :(( Will now meet docs on Monday after MDT to discuss. BUGGER!!
Just want this nightmare to end!! Not tearful just feel so out of control…
Soz to rant and best wishes to all in similar circumstances and respect to those facing much worse xx
Kath xx

Hi Kath
Just a quick note to say thinking of you - it is hard and the waiting is the absolute worst. Just when you thought you had it figured out, they change their minds! At least take some comfort in the fact they are double-checking what treatment path to follow - they’re not just jumping right in with treatment without proper thought.

My suggestion now is that you plan the rest of the week and find some fun things to do before your meeting on Monday. Christmas shopping? Worked wonders for me this weekend just gone.
Thinking of you.

Sam x

Hi Kath,
So sorry to hear you had a phone call from the hospital. Was only talking to you about having a hysterectomy the other day. Now all the worry has come back. Just wanted to say thinking of you, sending you a big ((hug)). Take care love Rachael xx

Thanks ladies
Monday can’t come soon enough for me. Just wanna get on with it and know the way forward.
My biggest frustration is not that they are looking for the best path for me but that it has taken 6 weeks for docs to decide they need the second opinion, why did they not seek this when biopsy results came through. Its all just a waste of valuble recovery time and the stress is horrible :frowning:
Another rant sorry ladies :frowning:

Hi Kath, Just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow. Will be thinking of you. xxxx

Best of luck for today Kath x

I'm really sorry to hear that Kath, it sounds so horrible frustrating and stressful for you. Good luck for today, we're all behind you x